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Decathlon to open third Irish store mid 2024 in Clerys Quarter, Dublin

After the hugely successful openings of Ballymun in 2020 and Limerick in 2023, Decathlon will open its third store in Ireland, located in the masterfully restored Clerys Quarter on O’Connell Street, Dublin in mid 2024.

The Clerys building is an iconic Dublin building and in an age before mobile phones, was a key landmark for people to meet “under the Clerys clock!”

Pictured is Elena Pecos, CEO Decathlon Ireland at the announcement

Elena Pecos, CEO at Decathlon Ireland said: "We are thrilled to announce the opening of our third store in Ireland, particularly in the iconic Clerys Building on O'Connell Street. Clerys holds a special place in the hearts of many Irish people, with countless fond memories of shopping and generations of families creating traditions within its walls. At Decathlon, we are honoured to become a part of this legacy. Our commitment goes beyond offering sports products; it extends to creating a community hub where the people of Dublin can continue to build their active lifestyles and create new memories for generations to come."

After 6 months of sourcing, Decathlon secured a long-term partnership for a 30-year agreement on the most famous street in Dublin. The opening will also see over 50 new jobs created locally, across various different areas.

Keep an eye on all of Decathlon’s social media channels over the coming months to make sure that you’re up to date on all of the news relating to the opening!

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