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Design Week Ireland 2022 announces special guest Bruce Mau

Design Week Ireland 2022 is delighted to announce that globally renowned design innovator Bruce Mau will appear at this year's event, joined by his partner, wife and co-founder of Massive Change Network, Aiyemobisi "Bisi" Williams.

Supported and funded by the Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment and convened by Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI), Design Week Ireland 2022 is a national programme of events taking place from 14-18 November 2022.

Throughout the week, DCCI will curate and host a series of events focussing on why design matters to the advancement of our economy and society and highlighting issues around diversity, sustainability, and inclusion. DCCI will also support and promote events across the island of Ireland designed to link with these themes, supporting design industry leaders and designers.

Presenting at the launch of Design Week Ireland 2022 in the National Gallery of Ireland on 14th November 2022, Bruce Mau will highlight how life-centred design can provide innovative solutions while also accelerating change. He will address the themes of affordable housing and healthcare; sustainability, energy and climate; social equality; increasing the role and influence of women in Ireland; and the benefits to be gained by broadening the acceptance and integration of New and Diverse Cultures into Irish society. While discussing these themes, he will make a case for how design and the design process can be utilised to create a better future for Ireland, using bolder and bigger thinking.

Looking ahead to his visit to Ireland, Bruce Mau said, "Ireland has experienced immense change in a very short period of time, challenging old norms, attitudes and economics. The systems we exist within and the lives we lead are designed - so they can be re-designed. Bisi and I are looking forward to spending time in Ireland this November, during DCCI's Design Week Ireland, absorbing the culture and sharing our vision for how life-centered design can change the world for the better."

Tom Watts, Head of Design at Design & Crafts Council Ireland, said, "Bruce and Bisi's Massive Change Network is one of the most inspirational and thought-provoking ideas out there. Their "MC24" design principles provide the toolkit for any organisation looking to accelerate movement towards sustainable change - something we all need now more than ever."

Rosemary Steen, CEO of Design & Crafts Council Ireland, added, "We at DCCI are delighted to welcome Bruce Mau to Design Week 2022. Bruce's appearance at the event will explore many of the complex challenges facing our country today, discussing how design and the design process has an essential role to play in meeting these challenges. We're also pleased that his wife, Bisi Williams, will be joining him for the event, providing her insights on developing sustainable solutions to influence change, as well as the role and influence of women in society. The presence of Bruce and Bisi at Design Week 2022 cements our commitment to support and advocate for design practitioners and the design industry in Ireland."

The Design Week Ireland 2022 programme will explore how design can address some of the critical issues facing our society, from future opportunities, equality, and connectivity to climate change.

Visit for updates and more information.

Slán go fóill.


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