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Dingle Distillery Launches Descendants 2022 Cask Programme

Whiskey lovers are being given a unique opportunity to own a piece of Irish whiskey history this year, as Dingle Distillery launches it's new cask investment programme, Descendants 2022 Cask Edition

The sale of 100 full barrels of perfectly distilled spirit has just opened to potential investors and follows previously successful programmes, Descendants 2020 and Founding Fathers (2012), and for the first time Dingle is offering investors the option to purchase casks filled with Single Pot Still whiskey, in addition to Single Malt.

Buyers decide how long their whiskey will rest in the barrels with a minimum of eight years required. They can then choose to bottle their whiskey or leave it to mature for up to 12 years or even 21 years.

There are two cask options available, Bourbon or Sherry (Palo Cortado or PX), and the distillery only uses first-fill casks with new make spirit from Dingle Distillery. Each cask comes with a certificate of ownership, insurance, annual deliveries of the latest single malt release, sample cask tastings, unlimited tour access of the Distillery with a guest as well as a 15% discount in the distillery shop and website, amongst other benefits.

Prices for a cask start at €10,000 and each cask comes with an optional payment plan to spread the investment out over several years:

• The 190-litre bourbon Single Malt cask is €10,000, or €11,000 if paid in instalments over three years.

• The 190-litre bourbon Single Pot Still cask is €11,000, or €12,000 if paid in instalments over three years.

• The 250-litre Palo Cortado or PX Sherry Single Malt cask is €12,000, or €13,000 if paid in instalments over three years.

• The 250-litre Palo Cortado or PX Sherry Single Pot Still cask is €13,000, or €13,000 if paid in instalments over three years.

Only four hand filled casks are produced daily at Dingle Distillery, each one overseen by Master Distiller Graham Coull, through an entirely manual process. The casks will rest in the Distillery warehouse under his watchful eye to mature for a minimum of eight years.

Elliot Hughes, Managing Director at Dingle Distillery, comment:

The Descendants cask programme is ideal for individuals looking to secure a legacy for their family or for groups of friends or colleagues wishing to invest together in something truly unique that they can enjoy for years to come. In general, people who invest in a cask are passionate about not just whiskey, but Dingle and the whole area. For many people, owning one of these casks is an investment of the heart and we’re delighted to have investors scattered across the globe.”

Graham Coull, Master Distiller at Dingle Distillery, comments:

Being able to create and share the spirit’s maturation journey with cask owners is a unique and highly rewarding experience for me. I’m always on hand to support and advise Descendants cask owners in any way I can and it’s a pleasure to welcome them to the distillery for sample tastings throughout their journey with us, right up to when they receive their finished bottle.”

Download the Dingle Descendants 2022 brochure here:

Slán go fóill.


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