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Domino's Launches New €5 Lunch Menu with new products including lighter calorie options.

Domino’s, the nation’s best-loved pizza company is making moves to become the nation’s best-loved lunch company, as the pizza icon launches a new €5 lunch menu available 7 days a week. 


For true lunchtime legends, the new menu will feature 9 products launching in all stores across Ireland, with each item priced at just €5. The new range includes some instantly recognisable flavours that fans already know and love. 


The menu is comprised of three new product types. The Cheeky Little Pizza, a 6” pizza with reduced fat mozzarella, and classic Domino’s toppings, coming in at under 600 calories. New Hot & Cheesy Wraps, classic Domino’s flavours and fresh mozzarella all wrapped up in a folded tortilla.  


The full list of products includes: 

Cheeky Little Pizzas – Fresh 6” dough base topped with Domino's tomato sauce, reduced fat mozzarella, topped with Domino’s toppings and baked to perfection. 


Hot & Cheesy Wraps – A folded tortilla wrap filled with iconic Domino’s toppings, 100% fresh mozzarella, rolled and baked for a delectable lunch time treat. 


Cheeky Little Pizzas

• Cheese & Tomato

• Pepperoni

• Vegi Classic

• BBQ, Chicken & Bacon

• Sausage & Bacon

Hot & Cheesy Wraps

• Pepperoni Passion®

• Chicken & Bacon

• Texas BBQ®

• Vegi

Eoin Corrigan, Head of Marketing at Domino’s ROI said: "We are known for delighting people at dinner, but customers have been asking us to create a menu to give them a little Domino's joy at lunch."


That's why we are launching a new €5 lunch menu with Cheeky Little Pizza and Hot & Cheesy Wraps. It's a menu of classic Domino's flavours in lunch size, and the Cheeky Little Pizzas are all under 600 calories. We look forward to customers popping in to see us at lunch! This is just the beginning so watch this space for more." 


The new €5 lunch menu is available on the Domino's app, Domino's website, and in-store across Ireland from Monday 8th April.  

Slán go fóill.


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