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Domino’s turn Spicy Favourite Vegan

It’s vegan. It’s American. And it’s hot. No, it’s not Pamela Anderson… 

Domino’s is expanding it's much-loved menu, putting a vegan-friendly twist on the fiery American Hot this Veganuary. Ideal for anyone wanting to flex their eating habits, the nation’s best loved pizza company is launching the Vegan American Hot - a welcome treat for plant-based pizza fans who aren’t afraid to hide away from the heat.

The latest pizza to be given a vegan makeover features spicy specially created pepperoni from The Vegetarian Butcher, topped with red onions and popping green jalapeños to really pack that plant-based punch. All ingredients are placed expertly by pizza chefs in stores on a bed of generously sprinkled vegan mozzarella cheese, a swirl of vine-ripened tomato sauce, and of course, baked on Domino’s fresh vegan dough.

The Vegan American Hot is served with the vegan-friendly version of the iconic Garlic & Herb dip, so foodie fans can enjoy the full dunking experience.

Melanie Howe Head of Heat at Domino’s said: “After much experimenting in the Domino’s kitchen and taste tests aplenty, we can’t wait to bring the Vegan American Hot to the masses and add to our ever-expanding vegan-friendly menu.”

This latest addition joins the plant-based ranks at Domino’s nationwide, alongside other vegan favourites the Vegan Margherita, Vegan Vegi Supreme and the Vegan PepperoNAY. Not to forget the delicious Vegan Nuggets – a perfect plant-based side to add to your order this Veganuary!

January also marks the start of a dough-licious Domino's deal, get 30% off when you spend €30 on the Domino’s website or via the app from now until Sunday, 5th February (T&C apply) - now there’s no excuse not to try out something new this year.

The Vegan American Hot is now available to order through the Domino’s app and in Domino’s stores across the nation.

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