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Emerald Park Celebrates World Tiger Day

On July 29th, Emerald Park, Ireland's only theme park and zoo will be celebrating World Tiger Day and it's continued dedication to the conservation of the magnificent Amur tiger.

Emerald Park welcomed it's first male Amur tiger, Khan, in 2013. In late 2022, the zoo was joined by the elegant female Bira, and since then the pair have created a strong bond which can be seen from their sanctuary. The two tigers have since become a cherished part of its zoo family and have been a huge hit with guests that have visited the park in the past year. The pair act as ambassadors for the endangered species at Emerald Park.

Antonia Cremin, Emerald Park’s Discovery and Learning Manager“International Tiger Day is celebrated all over the world on the 29th of July. Here at Emerald park, we are excited to be involved in collectively raising awareness for Tiger conservation along with supporting our conservation partner Wildcats Conservation Alliance. For the first time in history, the number of Tigers in the wild are starting to increase globally. Even though numbers are increasing threats to tiger populations remain."

"We are happy to contribute to raising awareness to the threats facing Amur tigers in the wild but also allow our visitors to witness the magnificence of our pair of Amur tigers Khan & Bira. Khan our male has been in our collection since 2013 whilst Bira our female only joined the collection in 2022. In the short time together, they have created an undeniable bond, when visiting the park, you will often see Khan and Bira lying beside one another. If you’re lucky enough, you might even see them head rubbing one another whilst chuffing!”

More about Amur Tigers:

Amur tigers, the largest of all tiger subspecies globally, exhibit a fascinating characteristic: each tiger's striped pattern is entirely unique, much like human fingerprints. Their captivating appearance and strong physique have made them an ambassador species for their kind.

The Amur tigers stand out from other tiger subspecies due to their exceptional adaptation to cold climates. Their large paws and thick fur enable them to thrive in the harsh environments of the northern regions they inhabit.

As apex predators, Amur tigers hold a critical position in the food chain, contributing to the ecological balance of their habitats. Unfortunately, their existence is threatened, and they are classified as endangered. In the 1940s, the wild population plummeted to fewer than 40 individuals, pushing the species to the brink of extinction. However, thanks to diligent conservation efforts, the population has rebounded to over 500, marking a significant conservation success story. Nonetheless, there is much work ahead to ensure their long-term survival.

Emerald Park’s Commitment to Conservation:

Emerald Park is proud to stand at the forefront of the battle to protect these magnificent creatures. Through our unwavering support for the Wildcats Conservation Alliance, the park plays a vital role in safeguarding the endangered Amur tigers. 100% of all funds raised by Emerald Park go directly towards field work, where it aids the conservation organization in several impactful ways:

Reducing Poaching: Emerald Park actively support initiatives to combat the poaching of Amur tigers, Amur leopards, and their prey species. By safeguarding these animals, the park contributes to maintaining a healthy and thriving ecosystem.

Enhancing Habitat Protection: Emerald Park believes in the importance of preserving natural habitats. Its funding aids in the protection and restoration of key habitats for Amur tigers, ensuring they have a safe space to roam and flourish.

Strengthening Law Enforcement: Emerald Park's financial contributions empower law enforcement efforts within protected areas, ensuring the safety and security of these precious animals.

Engaging Local Communities: The park understands that successful conservation hinges on community involvement. Through awareness-raising campaigns and local engagement, it strives to inspire collective action to protect nature.

Visit the Amur Tiger habitat at Emerald Park between 1pm-2pm on July 29th as it celebrates World Tiger Day, where there will be some interactive activities with it's zookeepers including zoo talks, enrichment and a feed. Make sure you take time to connect with Khan and Bira up close.

There is plenty more to see at the park, including two brand new rides at the Junior Zone, Crazy Bus and Balloon Chase, as well as taking a whirl on Dino Dash and the famous Cú Chulainn!

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