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Feed the skin from within with Circle of Light’s Green Coffee

Did you know that the Green Coffee fruit is one of the most nutritious fruits in the world?

Unroasted, it is rich in ferulic acid, an organic compound that acts as a potent antioxidant promoting overall skin health. If 2020 taught us anything, it was to take better care of our minds and bodies. As a nation, we are slowly but surely getting better at self-care and mindfulness. The pandemic forced us all to revise our habits and many have turned to health foods and exercise to boost their immune systems and overall wellbeing.

Circle of Light is a natural health drinks company that was set up during the pandemic by Dr Sarah Kelly and is backed by Irish scientists and independent health experts. The start-up is the first of its kind to create combinations of wholly natural active ingredients that address chronic and preventable lifestyle-induced ailments with clinical efficacy, and they have recently launched into pharmacies, health food shops and selected supermarkets nationwide.

The new range of preventive health and wellbeing drinks has garnered huge support in the health foods industry, with particular focus on the brand's first launch - Green Coffee.

Unlike the coffee beans we know and use every day, Green Coffee is unroasted and has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The regular coffee industry roasts Green Coffee beans, getting rid of the bitter taste, but also destroys virtually all of the active ingredients and associated health benefits.

Circle of Light has preserved the integrity of these active compounds with a unique extraction process, and they have combined the unroasted green coffee beans with Inulin - a prebiotic fibre that naturally sweetens the blend and promotes good gut health. As a result, Circle of Light have created a soft, sweet blend that addresses skin health from two angles: gut health (a balanced microbiome stabilises blood sugar/hormone fluctuations), and Ferulic Acid (Aids repair and renewal in skin cell structure, and eliminates free radicals)

What is Ferulic Acid? Ferulic Acid is an organic compound found in plant cell walls, often added to anti-ageing products and renowned in the beauty industry as ‘The Free Radical Scavenger’!

Not only does Ferulic Acid inhibit the enzymes that catalyse free radical generation, it also contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-microbial properties while playing a protective role for the main skin structures - keratinocytes, fibroblasts, collagen and elastin.

This hero ingredient, celebrated as a super-antioxidant in the skincare industry, encourages wound healing and regeneration of skin cells, prevents nerve cell damage, reduces pigmentation and enhances the formation and maintenance of blood vessels.

Sophia Woods, The Facialist, is an independent advisor at Circle of Light, “I first discovered Circle of Light products in my local shop and have been an enthusiastic advocate ever since. I highly recommend Ferulic Acid to my clients, so when I spotted it as a main ingredient in Green Coffee, I was intrigued. The skin health benefits of Green Coffee's natural and active compounds are incredible when combined with a proper skincare routine, so I was delighted to become a stockist of Circle of Light products at my Dublin clinic - The Facialist. I finish every bespoke facial and treatment in my clinic by giving my clients a cup of Green Coffee!”

Circle of Light’s Green Coffee is also rich in Chlorogenic Acid, which is scientifically proven to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol. Fortified with ‘Inulin’, a prebiotic fibre extracted from the chicory root, this unique blend is addressing our overall wellbeing across three vital functions: Gut, Heart, and Skin Health.

Dr Sarah Kelly, CEO of Circle of Light

Speaking about gut health, a staple in all Circle of Light products, CEO of Circle of Light, Dr Sarah Kelly said, “Recent scientific studies indicate that the gut is the foundation of overall health. A balanced microbiome (our bacterial eco-system), leads to greater function of all bodily systems. When the body is more efficiently absorbing nutrients and eliminating waste, it creates a knock on effect on our skin health. Good gut health also helps to regulate our blood sugar, which can stabilise hormonal fluctuations that exacerbate acne and skin flare ups.”

Green Coffee costs €19.95 for a pouch of granules and comes in three flavours – Original, Infused with Ginger and Infused with Green and Herbal Teas. Each delicious pack contains 40 servings and can be prepared as a hot, cold or sparkling drink. It’s low in calories, low in caffeine (similar to decaf coffee)High in fibre. Gluten, Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto friendly.

Green Coffee is available now in pharmacies, health food shops, Super Valu’s, Dunnes Stores and online at

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