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FLYEfit Swords to host wellness workshop for Mental Health Awareness Month

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, FLYEfit, Ireland’s premier gym chain, is hosting a wellness workshop at 1:00p.m - 2:20p.m on Saturday, 25th May in it's Swords gym.

This unique session is designed to empower individuals to thrive mentally and emotionally through a combination of somatic movement, breathwork, and mindfulness techniques. This initiative highlights the gym's role as a sanctuary for good mental health as well as physical fitness.

According to a survey conducted by FLYEfit, the mental health benefits of hitting the gym are undeniable;

• A significant 43% reported feeling energized, 34% expressed increased confidence.

22% felt empowered after their workout sessions.

93% admitted to feeling awful when they missed their gym sessions.

88% of respondents affirmed that the gym has been instrumental in helping them navigate personal challenges, whether it be managing anxiety, coping with life's frustrations, or boosting self-confidence.

The workshop will kick off with 30 minutes of gentle movement to soothe the nervous system, followed by a 30-minute body scan and colour visualisation with sensory music. The session will then wrap up with breathwork techniques to improve overall health and wellbeing.

FLYEfit members also shared how the gym positively impacts their well-being, saying:

"It helps me cope with my anxiety and panic attacks. It has become my safe space".

"Not only does it make me feel stronger physically, but mentally too”.

• “It helped me build self-confidence and gives my mood a boost. Great way to beat anxiety”.

Chiara Palagi, Senior Marketing Executive at FLYEfit said:“FLYEfit recognises that mental health is just as important physical health and we are committed to supporting the overall wellbeing of our members. We look forward to hosting the wellness workshop on Saturday in our Swords location”.

FLYEfit has also announced a limited-time flash sale of a no joining fee (usually €25!) on single gym memberships at it's gyms in CHQ, Ranelagh, Dundrum and Stillorgan.

For more information about FLYEfit, please visit

Slán go fóill.


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