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Get all of your festival, camping and paddleboarding needs in the summer sale at Decathlon

Packing for a camping at a festival can be tricky - how to you find room for all your camp gear? Where can you pick up a bargain so that you’re not spending a fortune on top of the already expensive festival ticket!

Many of us have been through the festival camping experience more times than we can count now, and that's why Decathlon has a range of items on sale now, so that you can stock up ahead of festival camping season! If you’re not hitting a festival, Decathlon’s range is perfect for family weekends away, let’s hope the sun shines!

If camping isn’t your thing, but you’re planning on hitting the water this summer, it’s fair to say that Stand-Up Paddleboarding is THE watersport of the moment. Decathlon have a range of paddleboards and accessories that will suit all levels!

4 Man Blackout Tent with Poles €180 (Was €205) – Decathlon’s team of campers designed this Arpenaz 4.1 F&B tent with poles for four campers wanting a pre-assembled bedroom and a spacious living room. Perfect for when you want to escape from a large crowd!

11Ft Touring Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard €215 (was €255) – Decathlon’s team of fellow paddlers developed this touring stand-up paddle board for half-day trips for beginners above 80 kg.

Already have a tent? Then why not bag a bargain camping bundle for under €150!

Folding Reclining Camping Chair €49 (Was €55) – Decathlon’s team of camping enthusiasts created this Comfort reclining chair. Foldable and comfortable to sit down and relax on while you're camping or chilling out a festival.

Double Inflatable Mattress 120cm €30 – Decathlon’s team of camping enthusiasts has developed this Air Basic mattress for two campers seeking the comfort of an inflatable mattress at a most affordable price.

Camping Sleeping Bag €30 – Decathlon’s camping designers have created this Arpenaz 10° sleeping bag for sleeping comfortably when camping in temperatures close to 10°C.

Folding Camping Table €24 – This compact folding table is perfect for camping trips or festivals and can seat up to 4 people.

You’ve bought the Stand-Up Paddleboard, now it’s time to pick up your accessories for under €120!

3-Part Adjustable Stand-Up Paddle €39 – This adjustable paddle is perfect for beginner stand-up paddleboarders for cruising or surfing small waves. 170-220cm.

Stand-Up Paddle and Kayak Double Action High-Pressure Easy Pump €36 – The Decathlon team has refined the diameter of the piston to reduce the force needed for inflation. 15 psi with this pump is equivalent to 11 psi with a classic pump.

Buoyancy Aid Life Vest €25 (Was €35) – The perfect vest for beginner canoers, kayakers and stand-up paddleboarders.

Watertight Phone Pouch €10 – Keep your phone dry and still be able to use it when out on the water! Get those summer insta-worthy shots!

For more summer sales deals from Decathlon, take a look HERE!


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