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Giz a Squeeze… of McDonnells new Squeezy Sauce!

Ireland’s favourite curry sauce has a treat in store, just in time for Valentine’s day.

McDonnells Original Curry Sauce is now available in a ready to eat squeezy bottle, meaning you can enjoy your favourite curry sauce anytime, anywhere. Now you’re always just one squeeze away from curry perfection.

Treat your hunny to the squeeze of a lifetime this Valentine’s day and beyond - Squeeze the ready to rock sauce over chips, jazz up your chicken fillet roll, turn your wedges into something special or give your sausage sambo exactly what it's been missing.

McDonnells have been making great-tasting curry sauce since the '80s. Yes, the 1980s! McDonnells use a rake of exotic spices from far-off lands to create a curry tailored perfectly to the Irish palette. McDonnells Squeezy Sauce is available nationwide at an RRP of €2.99 Slán go fóill,



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