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Grilling and Chilling at Iceland

Iceland Ireland have launched it's largest ever BBQ range for the Irish market and at great value prices that only Iceland can offer.

Iceland showcase the power of Frozen food once again with this new 2021 BBQ range; crafted by resident Chef Dave Lennox and the team, frozen to lock in juices, taste and freshness.

We don’t have long to plan for a BBQ when the sun makes an appearance in Ireland, so Iceland Ireland’s frozen BBQ range is perfect to have in the freezer. And for those who have a small freezer; Iceland has you covered too! A large selection of the new BBQ range at Iceland Ireland are also fridge-able! Check out the packs for the fridge-able symbol.

For those who love the classic BBQ burger, then the new mouth-watering Luxury Extra Tasty Burger (4pk €3.75) and Spicy Double Cheeseburger (4pk €3.75) are for you.

Iceland Ireland have also created some new recipe burgers with a twist; the succulent Doner Kebab Quarter Pounder (4pk RRP €3.75) and Luxury Halloumi Burger (200g RRP €3.50).

For something a little different, try the Burger Dogs (4pk €3.75), a fun and innovative play on the classic hot dog, a must add to the shopping list.

No Irish BBQ is complete without a pork sausage in a hot dog bun and drizzled with some ketchup. Introducing the new Richmond Barbecue Sausages (14pk €2.50) and fiery Richmond Mexican Sausages (14pk €2.50).

With a flavour to tickle anyone’s fancy, try Iceland Ireland’s HUGE range of sizzling skewers: BBQ Ranch Chicken Skewers (360g €3.75), Tikka & Tandoori Chicken Skewers (4pk €3.75), Teriyaki Chicken Skewers (6pk €3.75) and Spicy Chicken Skewers (2pk €3.75).

If a kebab is close to the heart during the summer sunshine, fans will be delighted with the fantastic selection at Iceland Ireland with offerings such as the Babek Chicken Tikka Kebab (600g €2.00), Lamb & Mint Kofta Kebabs (6pk €3.75) and Chilli Beef Kofta Kebabs (300g, €3.75).

Able to handle the heat? Then give the Carolina Reaper Beef Kebab (6pk €3.75) a go or opt for the King Prawn Pepper Kebab (4pk €5.00) for something special. For the steak lover of the house, don’t forget to stock up on the BBQ Pork Steaks (350g €3.75) and Chinese Pork Steaks (400g €3.75) on your next trip to Iceland Ireland this summer!

The exclusive Iceland Ireland bumper pack is extra tasty and includes the appetising BBQ Selection Pack (24pk RRP €6.50) containing 8 chicken drumsticks, 8 beef burgers and 8 pork sausages, ensuring there is always something for everyone at an Iceland barbie! For those who favour chicken, pick up the BBQ Chicken Selection Pack (1.65kg RRP €6.50) and enjoy the feast!

Iceland have also launched some chilled meats that can be found in the fridge! Get any 3 for €10 on their Maple Pork Belly (260g), Maple Pork Steaks (300g), Minted Lamb Kebabs (300g), Hoisin Pork Steaks (4pk) and Pork Medallions (4pk).

No Irish BBQ is complete without a little sweet treat! So why not cool down by taking yourself back in time with some retro ice-creams. With amazing classics transformed into ice-lolly treats like the Barratts Wham Bar Ice Lollies (4pk €2.50), Barratts Foam Banana Ice Lollies (4pk €2.50), Barratts Nougat Ice Lollies (4pk €2.50) and Barratts Milk Bottle Ice Lollies (6pk RRP €2.50) there will always be room for dessert!

For the little ones at the BBQ, make sure to grab the Swizzels Drumstick Squashies Ice Lollies (4pk €2.50), Swizzels Parma Violets Ice Lollies (4pk €2.50) and the Swizzels Bubblegum Squashies Ice Lollies (4pk €2.50) for a blast from the past, or pick up the Iceland Icebreakers (6pk €1.50) for something new to try on a sunny day! Looking for something a little more indulgent?

Try the delightful Butterkist Toffee Popcorn ice-cream cones (4pk €3.00). These wafer cones with a chocolate flavour coating, filled with popcorn flavour ice-cream and toffee flavour sauce, topped with toffee popcorn flavour sugar crunch will be a winner for many on a hot summer’s day.

This incredible summer range is available across all 27 Iceland Ireland stores nationwide now.

Slán go fóill,



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