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Have you ever been to a pelvic floor gym? Time to try out the Kegel Throne!

Did you know that it is estimated that 1 in 7 adults are experiencing loss of bladder control with many people unable to exercise, cough or even walk down the road without risk of leakage. For women, factors like pregnancy, hormonal changes, menopause and ageing can cause the pelvic floor to weaken and the condition does not discriminate where age is concerned and the number of younger people suffering is increasing.

While it is thought to affect 200 million people worldwide daily - 5% of the world’s population, it is still very much a hush-hush subject which people often only discuss with a doctor, if ever at all. However more recently, high profile celebrity mothers like Vogue Williams and Davina McCall have done wonders for opening up the conversation on the taboo topic.

The Gerka Clinic is a new Women’s Health Suite in the heart of Stillorgan that specialises in functional and regenerative gynaecology services together with aesthetic and pelvic floor treatments. The Gerka Clinic was founded by Giselle Gerka, (pronounced Jerk-a), a women’s health and skincare specialist who is constantly educating herself and her team to employ the most cutting-edge treatments in the areas of aesthetics and general health.

Giselle’s interest in aesthetic and pelvic floor treatments began in 2010 after arriving in Ireland and having her first child. During a trip to New York in 2017, Giselle discovered a revolutionary breakthrough treatment for the pelvic floor called the ‘EMSELLA Chair’.

Giselle says, “After I had my son, I had the realisation that for me, post-partum was now for the rest of my life. My body just wasn’t the same and I needed a helping hand with strengthening my pelvic floor as exercise and diet only got me so far. While on a trip to NYC, I had my first treatment on a new FDA-approved treatment called the EMSELLA Chair, and it changed my life.”

What’s a kegel? Kegel exercises, also called pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT), are exercises performed by a woman to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, involving repetitions of both sustained and rapid voluntary contractions of the muscles.

The EMSELLA Chair, also known as the ‘Kegel Throne’, is a unique technology developed to help those suffering from loss of bladder control with a completely non-invasive option which may help them regain their control and confidence.

Giselle explains, ‘While remaining fully clothed, women can sit on the EMSELLA chair for up to 30 minutes depending on the individual’s needs. The chair uses an intense electromagnetic technology to stimulate all the deep muscles of the pelvic floor – producing the equivalent of 11,200 Kegel exercises. That’s why I call it the pelvic floor gym!"

How does it work?

EMSELLA uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to cause deep and intense pelvic-floor muscle contractions, stimulating the entire pelvic floor area while helping to restore neuromuscular control. A single session causes thousands of supramaximal pelvic-floor muscle contractions, which are extremely important in muscle re-education and improvement of intimate wellbeing.

Giselle is proud of the work she is doing in her new clinic, “I am happy to say that EMSELLA has helped lots of Irish women in my clinic with 95% of treated patients reporting significant improvement in the quality of their life I want to mention a mother of 2, 32 years old, who works as a Zumba teacher. Imagine a Zumba teacher suffering the effects of loss of bladder control? It’s incredible to help these type of women and help them regain their confidence and take back hold of their lives”.

The EMSELLA chair can also be used to improve muscle tone and sexual function. Clients can remain fully clothed while they sit on the chair for up to 30 mins depending on the treatment selected and chosen intensity.

Services provided by Gerka Clinic;

Aesthetic treatments

• Skin rejuvenation using technologies such as laser, pulsed light and radiofrequency with microneedling

• Chemical peels from the top brands

• Injectables including Botox, Sunekos, Profhilo and much more

• Tensor threads

• Zo Skin Health skincare products and treatments

• Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections

Body treatments

•CoolSculpting, BTL Vanquish, mesotherapy & lipotropic injections to reduce body fat

• BTL Exilis Ultra 360, an FDA-approved piece of equipment primarily used for skin tightening

• CO2 laser and Infini Radiofrequency (RF) microneedling treatments, to treat postnatal stretch marks and scars

Pelvic floor treatments

• BTL Emsella, an FDA-approved machine used to treat loss of bladder control

• BTL Exilis Ultra 360, used for vaginal tightening

• Biofeedback, for pelvic floor rehabilitation

The new Gerka Clinic is now open in 1 Priory Park, Stillorgan and is open from Monday-Saturday.

For more information, please visit

Slán go fóill.


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