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Heatwave Hacks With Products from Currys to Keep You Cool!

Everyone loves the sunshine, but even the most ardent sun worshippers will agree that an unexpected heatwave can be challenging, especially when you’re not used to it! If you're tired of tossing and turning all night long and desperate for a good night's sleep or stuck behind a desk all day and melting from the heat, Currys have a range of items that will help to make your life that bit easier! To stay cool this summer, keep these simple tips in mind...

Drink Up!

The first rule of heatwave survival is to drink up! Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated - even if you’re not thirsty. Hot weather causes you to sweat, and it’s essential to replenish the lost fluids or you’ll overheat.

Snack on cool treats!

Invest in an ice-cream machine for creamy but healthy summertime treats.

Invest in a fan!!

When the temperature soars it's worth investing in a fan to cool you down. Fans also come with an unexpected sleep boosting trick: the white noise of a fan whirring away is actually proven to help you sleep! But if you use it on your desk during the day, try not to nod off.

Everything from ice-cream and iced-coffee machines, to fans and more! The below items are available in store or online at now!



The Smart Scoop™ transforms the kitchen into your favourite scoop shop. The first ice cream maker to automatically sense the hardness of the mixture based on your selection, it keeps your frozen flavours at perfect temperature up to 3 hours. The Smart Scoop features both automatic and manual modes, allowing you to create desserts exactly the way you like them. Automatic settings and preset functions churn and freeze the ingredients to the selected consistency, offering you a choice of sorbet, gelato, frozen yogurt or ice cream – perfect to cool you down this summer!

Black & Silver

€239.99 - Enjoy all kinds of delicious frozen treats - the ice cream maker has dedicated programs for classic ice cream, gelato, sorbet, milkshakes, or even smoothie bowls. Use the mix-in program to add extra ingredients like chocolate chips, candy, nuts and more - the machine will distribute them evenly throughout the ice cream for maximum deliciousness. You'll never run out of ideas thanks to the included Inspiration Guide packed with tasty recipes to suit every taste - indulgent, low sugar, vegan or even keto - it's up to you.

Cream & Teal


With a pair of stainless-steel blades that will easily cut even through the ice, the Kenwood BPL41.A0CT Blend X Compact Blender comes handy when it comes to preparing fruit smoothies or bowl of ice cream. Make the most of fresh fruit and vegetables and boost your energy and health. With three speed settings, ice mode and pulse function you can easily adjust the texture of your blend to suit your taste. The 2 litre capacity of the jug is ideal for larger households as you can prepare healthy treat for the whole family. Don't worry about cleaning – designed with practicality in mind, the Blend X has dishwasher safe parts for easy and quick cleaning.

Keep cool at home or at work with the following range of fans:

White & Silver


The AM07 Fan features bladeless, Air Multiplier technology which works by drawing in surrounding air and accelerating it to release a smooth and consistently powerful flow of air. The AM07 is 60% quieter and uses 10% less energy than its predecessor. It is an effective, money-saving alternative to conventional fans which often produce uneven airflow, high energy bills and break down quickly due to worn out motors. This Dyson fan has been built to last and its bladeless design makes it easy to clean - it won't clog up with unwanted dust particles or release them into the air.



Stay cool on hot summer days with the Princess 350000 Smart Tower Fan. Thanks to its oscillating function and 3 speed settings you can enjoy a refreshing breeze from anywhere in the room. You can even set a timer for up to 8 hours – perfect for keeping you cool while you sleep. You can control the 350000 Smart Tower Fan by using the HomeWizzard Climate app on your phone. The app is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. That means you can set the fan to turn on as soon as you arrive home from a long day at work.

Gun Metal


Stay cool while you work or relax with the Logik L10DFGM17 10" Desk Fan. With 30 W of power and three speed settings, it's a great thing to have on a warm day. Oscillating and tilt features let other people share the cool breeze – tilt it towards your body or face as you prefer when you're sitting near it.



Keep cool on hot summer days or warm on cold winter nights with the Smart Air Humi Portable 6.8" Hot & Cool Desk Fan. It has 2 speeds and 2 heat settings, making it the ideal home office companion for all seasons. Its 4-in-1 climate control options are designed to suit your everyday needs. The Heat function gives you a warmer space to work in while Cool offers you a refreshing breeze. There are even Humidify and Hand Warm options - perfect for relieving the symptoms of cold and flu or keeping your hands warm while you work at your computer. The Humi Fan also turns itself off after 4 hours, giving you peace of mind.

Sea Green


The retro design of this fan looks great in any room of your home. It's got 2 speed settings that lets you find just the right level of breeze. The portable design makes it easy to move from room to room



The 2-in-1 design lets you switch the fan between table fan and stand fan modes. It oscillates so you can keep the whole room cool. The 4 hour timer and touch controls make it easy to use. There's a handy remote control included.

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Slán go fóill.


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