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Need a laugh? Download iLaugh App now (for free!)

Now, more than ever, we need a good laugh don't we!? 2020 was pretty much a shitshow, and 2021 hasn't exactly started the greatest either has it! But sure look, it wasn't all bad I suppose, and hopefully at some point throughout all of the doom and gloom you had the chance to enjoy some lighter times and got a bit of a laugh in.

There's a new App available, that was launched just before Christmas called

"iLaugh", it's the new Social Network for comedy, the first one of it's kind in fact! A Social Media platform where users get laughs not likes. It hails from Kilkenny, and is brought to you by the brilliant minds of Brendan Morrissey & Jason Byrne.

It's a perfect way to get away from it all and just get a laugh. Imagine Instagram or Facebook, but without having to sift through posts about serious stuff, Politics and the likes, to get to a funny post or meme someone has posted. Well this is where iLaugh steps in and filters out all the other stuff so you can just get on with the giggle fest! I downloaded the App myself Yesterday and it's super user friendly (I'm @dannyj on there). Easy to navigate, understand, and participation is as easy as any other top Social Media App. Kudos to the iLaugh Team involved in putting this together.

It's free to download for the first 400 million users.. and you can find it easily on the App Store


We all love a good laugh, so just download the app and start posting, g'wan. Bring out your inner Comedian & upload your funny content to build up your fan base. The more content you post the higher up the leader board you'll go. Or if you prefer to just kick back, watch and take the laughs in, well that's cool too. You will find the world's funniest Comedians, You-tubers, Tik Tok'ers, Social Media Influencers and much more, all in one place. Follow them, post your content & press the LAUGH button.

There is also the iLaugh Ticketing Sales & Distribution feature, where comedians create events for fans, check it out.

Looking forward to seeing this one grow, no doubt it'll be entertaining us for a very long time!

Slán go fóill,


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