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Introducing Hennessy, The Shared Connection

To celebrate the end of year, Hennessy has brought together vanguards of the Irish Hip Hop scene to share connections over their favourite Hennessy drinks. Hip Hop artist Celaviedmai, label manager and artist, God Knows and MC and DJ Mango were joined by photographer Ruth Medjber and stylist Zeda The Architect to create Hennessy, The Shared Connection.

Each artist lent their impeccable skills to the beautifully shot video exploring themes of community and connection within the worlds of the artists that can be viewed at this link and across Hennessy’s social channels.

Conversation bloomed amongst these creatives and easy friends, exploring everything from the Irish Rap and Hip Hop communities, to their families and support systems and how they wind down from the sky highs of their creative professions. Connection and community were topics naturally prevalent throughout, with artists Mango and Celaviedmai both having performed at the Hennessy Stage at Body & Soul Festival and God Knows taking part in the Hennessy Sound Lounge, both in 2022. Highlighting key themes within the Irish Hip Hop scene such as inclusivity, gratitude, openness, connection, collaboration and more, this collective discussion platforms the jaw-dropping talent and inspiring sense of community within one of the country’s most exciting, flourishing creative industries.

Many will recognize Hip Hop artist, Celaviedmai (aka Mai), from the theme song of the hit ‘It Galz’ podcast, previous editions of Body & Soul, Electric Picnic, Longitude, Forbidden Fruit and features in Vice, New York Times, Sunday Times Culture, the cover of Hot Press and for leading the way in calling for gender equality within the music industry.

She was joined by artist and producer, God Knows, with a rep for vividly honest lyricism and electrifying energy wherever he sets foot. God Knows has elevated Irish hip-hop to exponential levels, winning the Choice Music Prize with Rusangano Family and one of the three founders of narolane records.

Artist, DJ and Mango x Mathman’s Mango completes the trio of artists, a trailblazer of the Irish rap and rave scene and half of the most ambitious and equally accomplished hip hop acts in Ireland, constantly evolving and blending genres to create new sound.

Ruth Medjber of Ruthless Imagery photographed the artists, bringing each of their personalities to the forefront. Ruth has toured with artists like Hozier, been one of the few photographers chosen to shoot Glastonbury Festival and photographed international superstars such as Grace Jones, Beyonce, Drake, JayZ, Diana Ross, Metallica and Muse.

The artists were styled by Zeda the Architect, an accomplished stylist with an eye like no other, working across the wide realm of creative industries in Ireland.

The photos blend traditional portraiture with new wave street style, a nod to the old and the new as well as to the blending of both to create something new and special. Once the work was done, all five creatives sat down to enjoy a cocktail and conversation, culminating in a beautifully shot video that confirmed the natural affability, warmth and ease shared between all . The video evokes a toast to the hip hop community and to the end of another year, where it’s taken each artist on their journey to creating legacies that last and what they foresee in their futures.

A keeper of tradition with a devotion to development, Hennessy holds the highest respect for our past while always remaining focused on the future, a true investor in the next generation and the cultural gifts they bring with them. The steady blending of old and new, the ‘then’, the ‘now’ and the ‘what’s next’, makes Hennessy the undisputed drink of choice for crafting the perfect cocktail, soaking up cultural experiences and basking in the good times.

Follow Hennessy on Twitter and Instagram @HennessyIRL and Facebook @HennessyCognacIreland

Slán go fóill.


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