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Introducing Redbreast Dream Cask - Double Cask Edition

Irish Distillers have unveiled the latest in the Dream Cask series, 'Double Cask Edition'. This fifth release in the Dream Cask collection uniquely marries two 30 Year Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskeys and which they've named Redbreast Dream Cask Double Cask Edition.

A rare bottling, it captures the quintessential style of our acclaimed Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey while adding a new dimension to its nose, flavour and taste, thanks to the combined craftsmanship and vision of Master Blender, Billy Leighton and his collaborator, Blender David Mc Cabe. At it's heart is the innovative coming together of two hand-picked casks of single pot still whiskey - one, chosen by Billy, was originally laid down in a first fill Oloroso sherry butt in May 1990 and the other, chosen by David, was laid down in a first fill Bourbon barrel in November 1991. Each cask had its own unique traits and full-bodied personality and, in bottling them together at precisely the right moment, the two casks were unified at their peak of maturity and perfection.

It's called Redbreast Dream Cask Double Cask Edition, but there's a single factor behind its origins - the union of two distinct casks of aged Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey. While maturing, each cask imparted its flavours and responded to the additive and subtractive reactions that naturally occur between the barrel and the outside environment in which the liquids rested. Then at the point of bottling, when two became one, the whiskeys finally interacted with each other. The result unites fully matured light and traditional heavy pot still distillates to create a whiskey rich in robust spices, wood-driven characteristics and a heightened wine cask influence; a Single Pot Still Whiskey that's effortlessly balanced, undeniably special and unmistakably Irish.

REDBREAST DREAM CASK DOUBLE CASK EDITION Price: €550 ABV: 56.9% - 500ml Tasting Notes

Nose A rich and complex balance of aromas. A suggestion of dried herbs and earthy tones combines with hints of worn leather, antique furniture, anise, hazelnut and tobacco. Autumnal fruits, black cherry and cassis build in perfect harmony with oak and sherry wine influences. Taste Luscious and full with warming spices and soft tannins at first. Notes of dark roasted coffee, honey, menthol and sweet liquorice follow, complementing the pot still spices. Orange peel and smoked almonds add their own unique and subtle touch. Finish Long and satisfyingly rich with the precise balance of fruits, spices and oak lingering until the very end.

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