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Killowen Distillery Launch Products in USA

Killowen Distillery have just launched their small batch products in the USA (online only)   Thanks to their importer partners Highroad Spirits, Killowen are now entering many states with their products also available online via Folsom Wine & Spirits   If you're in the USA and have a good liquerstore nearby, you can have them order it within NYC, New Jersey, Boston, Chicago and Kentucky, thanks to suppliers such as Skurnik and The Wine Company, so get speaking with your local quality premises soon before they hit the stores at the start of March!

So what's going to be available? All of Killowen's cask strength Whiskey's to start!! 5-year-Old Single Malt Rum & Raisin small-batch core for will be available and the hugely successful & discontinued small batch 10-year-Old bonded experimental series, with only 348 bottles of each cask: Jamacian Dark Rum, Mexican tequila, Virgin Hungaran Oak, Pinot Noir - Burgundy, Txakolina - Acacia heads & Peated Cask. These being among most unique exciting blends to come out of Ireland in the past three years.

Once these bottles go, the Bonded Experimental Series is retired to the history books, so get opening and enjoy those unique flavors while you can. In the true sense of Killowen, absolute consistency is never their aim, thankfully any future Rum & Raisin single malt batches will be slightly different, which will include the influence of all three components 1. Single Malt 2. PX Sherry Casks & 3. Killowen Rum Casks. It's always fun to revisit and see if they can improve upon perfection.

Killowen are also releasing their small-batch Flame-fed poitín to the States. Poitín, the mother of all whiskeys has survived centuries of oppression from colonialism, and later powerful whiskey lobbies at home. Poitín's day will come, but until then, it is enjoying a huge upsurge in popularity throughout Ireland and internationally among those in the know. At it's best, poitín is made in small batches, using flame-fed distillation, worm tub condensation and creative mash bills. Killowen have already dubbed 2022 as 'The Year of The Poitín', exciting times ahead for the Newry Distillery!

Slán go fóill,



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