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Krispy Kreme celebrates all Queen Bees in your life with an exclusive trio of doughnuts

Treat your Queen Bee! Krispy Kreme is celebrating Mother’s Day (March 19th) with three brand new bee-utiful doughnuts, available for a limited time only. On the 18th and 19th of March, Krispy Kreme invites you to bring some joy to the role model in your life with a very special delight. Dough-nut miss out!

The majestic Queen Bee is brimming with a decadent millionaires filling alongside a delicious raspberry and kreme filled You Grow Girl,  and the hand dipped orange coloured coated Bestest Buds.

Whether you lean towards a fresh and fruity taste or are dreaming of a scrumptious caramel experience, the Blooming Lovely range is here to help you welcome in spring and celebrate Mother’s Day with your loved ones.

Made fresh daily, and with the same delicious taste that Krispy Kreme fans know and love, the range has landed in Krispy Kreme shops, supermarket cabinets, Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

Mother, grand-mother, mother-in-law, a mother-to-be, friend, family, neighbour, partner or any other important woman in your life, let them know they’re your Queen Bee! Enjoy these budding treats for a limited time only on the 18th and 19th March.

The best way to spread and unbox joy throughout March includes:

QUEEN BEE (€3.50)  - Mouth-watering millionaire's filling, dipped in yellow coating with dark chocolate icing - bee-utiful!

YOU GROW GIRL (€3.50) - Raspberry & Kreme filling, dipped in white chocolatey coating, with a piped flower. A blooming doughnut at its finest.

BESTEST BUDS (feature pack exclusive) - Hand dipped in orange colour coating & covered in colourful sugar sprinkles. The perfect treat to share with your buddies!

Blooming Beautiful 4 pack (€12) - including not one, but two Queen Bees! Available across Krispy Kreme shops, supermarkets and motor services.

For further information on Krispy Kreme this January, please visit

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