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Ladbrokes Brings Back Film Legend Rocky Balboa in Groundbreaking New Ad Campaign

Ladbrokes is bringing back iconic film character Rocky Balboa in a ground-breaking new brand campaign which includes original footage of the famous “Rocky Run” scene from cinema classic, Rocky II. The short film represents one of the most ambitious uses of VFX ever.

In a world first application of bespoke created technology, viewers will see Rocky’s famous run in an entirely new way. Using the original famous footage and backdrop of Philadelphia from Rocky II, a current day cast of characters replaces the original crowd, joining Rocky on his iconic run, ending with the big steps finale.

In the biggest character replacement in Hollywood history, the ad sees the entire original cast with hundreds of modern sports people, drummers, horse riders, drag queens, dancers, gymnasts and even an Irish GAA player!

The film is set to the iconic Gonna Fly Now soundtrack from the original 1979 film, and the inspiring song has been rerecorded by The English Session Orchestra and sung by the London Voices choir.

The ground-breaking ad was created by a team of movie specialists who used VFX to adapt the original film scene.

 UK Brand Marketing Director of Ladbrokes, James Kennedy says: “This scene is one of the most iconic in movie history and we’re confident that this new version packs a punch. We hope it brings a smile to everyone who watches it.”

Watch the full advert here..

Slán go fóill.


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