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O’Brien’s Ambassador Natalya Coyle Unveils New “Power of Choice” Menu at O’Brien’s Sandwich Cafes

O’Brien’s Sandwiches is a brand synonymous with quality Irish food and the team behind O’Brien’s are thrilled to be working alongside sports star Natalya Coyle, who was recently announced as their official Brand Ambassador. O’Brien’s and Natalya have spent the last few months collaborating on the healthy new “Power of Choice” menu which will be in outlets from January 10th 2022.

New items on the menu include Poached Eggs on Avocado Sourdough Toast, Spiced Chicken and Chickpea Soup, and the delicious Rainbow Chicken Bowl. Not only are these new dishes lean, but they are also hearty and created to be nutrient dense, filling and above all, tasty and convenient. Speaking about the new Power of Choice menu, Natalya says; “I have grown up going to O’Brien’s cafes. You can’t beat O’Brien’s when it comes to choice, so this menu is fittingly called the Power of Choice menu- there is something to suit everyone here from a warming soup to a generous salad and a chicken wrap."

"Then there’s the poached eggs for the morning- it’s all here! I’m hoping anyone with New Year’s Resolutions to eat well and live well will keep these options in mind and stick to their healthy goals. It’s food for everyday and there is no guilt after enjoying an O’Brien’s on the go.” O’Brien’s is marking its 33rd year in business this year and are delighted to have Natalya on board as a fresh new face for the cafes. The O’Brien’s Sandwich Cafés crew said, “We are thrilled to have Natalya join our team! She has worked so hard throughout her career and is a true inspiration to all sports people in Ireland, and we admire that. We want our customers to be inspired too and encourage them to support all women in sport as well as enjoying our food offering which is ideal for those in training or those looking for a day off or a quick delicious bite on the go.”


Avo Toast on sourdough bread with two poached eggs and a side of Ballymaloe Relish Rainbow wrap with soup of the day (soups will change daily) Rainbow salad with marinated chickpeas, avocado, Ballymaloe,  beetroot, hot roast chicken, tangy slaw, feta and Caesar dressing. Two poached eggs over smashed avocado, mixed seeds with a side of Ballymaloe© Relish served on sourdough toast.

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