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O'Brien's Sandwich Cafés announce Olympian Natalya Coyle as New Brand Ambassador

Today O’Brien’s Sandwich Cafés announced that three-time Irish Olympian Natalya Coyle will be the new face of their much-loved Irish Cafés franchises.

O’Brien’s are proud to have an incredible woman in sport on their team and to celebrate all Irish athletes that took part in the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo this Summer. O’Brien’s, the iconic Irish brand established in Dublin in 1988, have teamed up with Meath native Natalya Coyle as they take on their 33rd year in business. The O’Brien’s Sandwich Cafés crew said, “We are thrilled to have Natalya join our team! She has worked so hard throughout her career and is a true inspiration to all sports people in Ireland, and we admire that. We want our customers to be inspired too and encourage them to support all women in sport as well as enjoying our food offering which is ideal for those in training or those looking for a day off or a quick delicious bite on the go.”

Natalya was welcomed home from Tokyo as Brand Ambassador for O’Brien’s Sandwich Cafés and has said; “I was a part of the fantastic Team Ireland in Tokyo and now I am part of another great Irish team here at O’Brien’s Sandwich Cafes. I’m always in and out of various O’Brien’s cafes across the country. The menu allows for flexibility- I often order a sandwich or a salad or sometimes I’ll just go for a coffee with friends, so I know and love O’Brien’s and the range well! You could say I have grown up eating it!”

Natalya plans to visit O’Brien’s Sandwich Café stores around the country so keep up to date with the O’Brien’s cafes various social media channels to see where she will be next. See more at

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