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Puppy Love as Bluebird Care finds new Four-legged Friends

Welcoming it's latest new corporate sponsor, Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland (AADI) is asking individuals and businesses across the country to consider sponsoring a puppy, or donating to the charity’s work in training and placing invaluable assistance dogs.

Vasya ( aadi ) Carly O'Donovan and JJ Facy Directors Bluebird Care

Bluebird Care, the specialist homecare providers, is partnering with AADI to help fund the essential training that assistance dogs need, so their child and family can enjoy new freedoms and wellbeing, on account of the specialist care provided by their service dog.

It costs €25,000 and takes two years to fully train a service dog, according to David Mc Carthy, Head of Fundraising and Communications at AADI, adding that the supports provided by the specially trained animals are priceless.

“Our trained dogs open up a whole new world of opportunity for families living with autism. The companionship and care they provide means people can safely take significant steps towards more independence, and new life experiences they might not otherwise enjoy”.

Dog training takes place over two years, after which the service dog is placed with a family. Families are supported in working with their service dog, and in caring for them.  Highly skilled autism assistance dogs keep children safe in public places, so they can be more included in their community. 

As trusted companions, a service dog lets children safely enjoy new experiences, with new people, while reducing anxiety, not just for the child, but for the whole family. 

Bluebird Care works with children and adults with autism, on a daily basis, and so fully appreciate the huge difference an assistance dog makes in people’s lives, Gary Hennessy, Head of Marketing and Communications for the care providers says:

“A skilled autism assistance dog is a lifeline for children and their families, and will help the child to cope with sometimes debilitating autism symptoms, and to build confidence”.

AADI also works to promote understanding of autism, and of the support provided by service dogs for families living with autism. 

The charity is appealing for corporate support to raise and train puppies that will significantly improve the lives of families living with autism spectrum disorder.   

See or telephone 021 235 7107.

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