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Re-discover the taste of EXCELLENCE with a unique Lindt Chocolate Pairing

I've always said that people need to try Dark Chocolate with Whiskey as a complimentary pairing, the alcohol & chocolate interaction just work so well together! Lindt have come up with some fantastic pairings with Wine & Whiskey, check them out below..


The Lindt EXCELLENCE range offers an extensive variety of exquisite chocolate. Whether you’re a purist seeking an intense chocolate experience or in the mood for an exciting new flavour, the Lindt Excellence range offers something for all palates.

This season is a celebration of the breadth of amazing flavours available in Lindt’s EXCELLENCE range as well as the passion that Lindt is bringing to the dark chocolate market and its ambition to introduce more and more Irish people to all the benefits of truly exceptional dark chocolate.

Loving crafted by the skilful hands of Lindt Master Chocolatiers, the EXCELLENCE range offers an assortment of quality cocoa rates and creative flavour combinations guaranteed to satisfy both chocolate connoisseurs and taste bud trailblazers alike.

Lindt EXCELLENCE has always been about taking a moment of indulgence for yourself. A square or two of exquisite chocolate acts as a moment of self-care and never before has there been such a need for a little pampering.

This season, Lindt invites you to experience its range of EXCELLENCE dark chocolate in a new way, taking some of its most iconic and adventurous flavours and developing a unique pairing that you can re-create at home.

Enjoy and indulgent evening in with an exclusive Lindt EXCELLENCE drinks pairing

What you’ll need:

  • EXCELLENCE 70%, EXCELLENCE 85%, EXCELLENCE Caramel with a Touch of Sea Salt, EXCELLENCE Chilli

  • A red wine glass

  • A champagne flute or coupe

  • A whiskey tumbler

  • A cosy corner to curl up and enjoy your pairing

Developing an appreciation for the dark side of chocolate with a unique pairing developed by Lindt Master Chocolatier Stefan Bruderer:

Most of us enjoy eating chocolate, but the appreciation of fine dark chocolate is an art: an acquired taste that can be refined, it’s an experience to be savoured, not rushed.

Just like a sommelier considers the complementary elements of a fine wine, you can follow the journey of the five senses with Lindt EXCELLENCE to help immerse yourself in the occasion and focus on the exquisite symphony of flavours you’re about to experience.

  • SIGHT: Appreciate the chocolate colour. Noting the premium silky sheen with an even texture.

  • TOUCH: Feel the velvety, smooth surface of chocolate – never rough or grainy.

  • SOUND: Hear the crisp, clear snap as you break the chocolate.

  • SCENT: Cherish the rich and intense aromas of the chocolate before you taste it.

  • TASTE: Let a piece melt on your tongue and experience the intense symphony of cocoa flavours.

  • ASSESS: Now the chocolate is nearing its finish. How has the flavour evolved? Is the chocolate bitter, heavy, light? Did any changes in texture and flavour occur? Take note of how the chocolate leaves the palate. Is there a strong reminder lingering in your mouth, or does it quickly vanish?

Suggested Pairings;

Lindt EXCELLENCE bars are available from supermarkets and retailers nationwide at €2.80 RRP

**Press Release courtesy of Presence PR


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