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Revolutionise Your Kitchen This Spring with The Russell Hobbs Sensigence Intelligent Blender

Start your day with a superfood smoothie. Or whip up a round of daiquiris on a Friday evening. The Sensigence Intelligent Blender from Russell Hobbs does it all with Up-to 30% Smoother Mixes and Up-to 45% Faster Blending. Its Adaptive Blending Technology adjusts the Speed and Power of the load, giving you tailor made blending for optimum results.

And for ultimate ease, use its 3 Intelligent Blending Functions: Soup, Smoothie and Ice Drinks - that automatically stops blending when your mix is ready.

Adaptive Blending Technology

Let your every blending need be accomplished, with the Sensigence Intelligent Blender. The specialised Adaptive Blending Technology senses the load of ingredients in the jug and adjusts the Speed and Power accordingly, keeping thick, stubborn ingredients moving freely. Once no more chunks have been detected, the Sensigence Intelligent Blender will Automatically Switch-Off, leaving you with a smooth, silky mixture.

Up-to 30% Smoother Mixes

Want to create the ultimate creamy hummus? The Sensigence Intelligent Blender has a unique 1.5L Glass Jug Design that lets you enjoy Up-to 30% Smoother Mixes. This impressively sized jug is not only large enough to cater for everyone, but the specially designed Jug Ribs enable the mixture to travel more smoothly around the jug, for efficient blending and Consistent Results Every Time.

Up-to 45% Faster Blending

Love a quick morning smoothie before you leave for work? Then you’ll love the Sensigence Intelligent Blender, that lets you enjoy Up-to 45% Faster Blending. With a 6-Tip Titanium Coated Blade that has a Centre, Main and Bottom Cutting Tips, your ingredients are blended from every angle, for fast, smooth results.

Sensigence Intelligent Blender RRP €99.99

Key Features:

UNIQUE - Up to 30% Smoother Mixes

SPEED - Up to 45% Faster

INTELLIGENT - Touch Screen interface

POWER - 100W Motor

The Russell Hobbs range is available from independent electrical retailers nationwide.

Slán go fóill.


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