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SexyTadhg drops new single and music video 'Ride The Wave'

SexyTadhg has just dropped their brand new single 'Ride The Wave', which is available now on all streaming platforms.

The Irish provocateur, recently named as one of the Irish Times ‘50 to Watch’ for 2024 has also announced details of their upcoming EP My Parade, which will follow in April 2024. Following on from a packed 2023 of gigging, including supporting two-time Eurovision winner Loreen, performing at every major Irish festival, and recently supporting Cornelia Jakobs, SexyTadhg has announced their six-date headline Irish tour 'My Parade', which kicks off on the 5th of April, concluding with a conceptual show in The Grand Social on the 20th of April.

Speaking on the themes of their latest release, Tadhg states, "I've always been an anxious person. I feel anxiety in my stomach and a tightness in my core. Each negative thought pulls the next one into view until I'm surrounded and overwhelmed. Through therapy, I've learned about the roots of this familiar feeling, its triggers and even healthy coping mechanisms to tackle its onset."

"But before I invested time into understanding it, my most reliable coping mechanism was knowing that it wouldn't last forever. "I won't feel like this in 2 hours." Just ride it out, accept its presence, and ride the wave. Eventually, the sea will calm, the clouds will part, and I'll return to calm, manageable waters. The instrumentation references the synth brass tones and Art Rock sound of St.Vincent, the maniacal electronic soundscape of Artpop by Lady Gaga, the experimental funk tones of Hunky Dory by David Bowie, Jessie Ware's Glasshouse, What's Your Pleasure and the disco groove of That! Feels Good! "

"And the legendary soundscapes of Micheal Jackson, Queen, Prince, Kylie Minogue, Stevie Wonder, and George Micheal. I adore a song that insatiably carries itself forward, a pumping rhythm that loops and builds into a substantial expressive chorus, just like anxiety itself."

In the verses of 'Ride The Wave', SexyTadhg personifies the victim of anxiety. In the first verse, we are invited into their perspective. They compare their mind to a "broken radio, playing all the channels at the same time". Overwhelmed with information, Tadhg "prays for my senses to be dulled, for a remedy, to feel peace again." The song's chorus then details the perspective of anxiety itself.

"They are seducing the victim into accepting anxiety's control over them." The second verse expertly depicts how they desperately feel the need to dull their senses, which pushes them towards recreational drug use.

Tadhg says, "It's a quick fix to a much more significant issue. "Give me a pull of green, and push me deep into the grips of lemon haze". While this would relieve me for a while, anxiety would always return. Often, it is made worse by the emotional fragility brought on by intoxication."

By this point in the bridge nearly all the instrumentation is taken out. By bringing the song down to its most basic elements, then layering back in vocals, synth, brass, percussion, and much more, the listener is taken by the current of the song and blasted into a powerful triple chorus.

Speaking on this section, Tadhg says, "Here, anxiety and its victim become one in a turbulent, almost nuclear reaction. The growling synth bass and a sharp slamming snare drum bite and roar as anxiety itself commands you to "Give me your body, let go of the reins, let go of your worries, and Ride the Wave".

'My Parade' marks the new chapter of SexyTadhg. Two years after their debut release, ‘Ride The Wave’ ushers in a new era for Tadhg, and they hope you will join their parade.

Six date headline tour 'My Parade' on sale Friday at 9am:

05.04.24 || Cork || Fred Zeppelins

06.04.24 || Carlow || Visual Theatre

12.04.24 || Limerick || The Record Room

13.04.24 || Galway || The Roisin Dubh

19.04.24 || Belfast || The Black Box

20.04.24 || Dublin || The Grand Social

"Tadhg Griffin, aka SexyTadhg (the provocative, Fenian moniker I think we've all been waiting for), is a shining light in Irish music; with a bona fide rock star presence, it is no wonder they're selling out shows left and right."- The Irish Times.

An intergalactic rock star”- GCN

"Theatrical disco music at its finest, a glorious intergalactic odyssey which combines musicianship with (their) creative flair"- Hotpress

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Slán go fóill.


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