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Silestone® launches it's “Crush” with urban spaces

After two years since its last release Silestone® by Cosentino, the world’s leading hybrid mineral surface for architecture and design, returns stronger than ever and full of vitality to present its new collection: Urban Crush, a commitment to elegance, color and innovation as always, updated for the new urban spaces with modern aesthetics and full of life.

Seemingly inconspicuous, Urban Crush introduces dusty tones to create an ideal industrial backdrop, a perfect and natural partner for raw, eclectic spaces. When you look closer, Urban Crush designs bursts with intensity to breathe life into spaces.

This stylish collection, that recalls the appearance of limestone and sandstone, is made up of four colors: Lime Delight, Concrete Pulse, Brass Relish y Cinder Craze. Designs inspired by the textures of the city, which make present the essence of Silestone® in its commitment to color and the spirit of disruption to set trends.

Lime Delight - The textured beige tones of Lime Delight are a versatile base for any interior design, from calm and pure spaces to more unexpected proposals. Its bright warm shades bring to mind radiance of famous Marbella limestone.

Concrete Pulse - The grey tone of Concrete Pulse is perfect for eclectic interiors where it helps to create a vibrant show of contrasts. This natural raw grey tone plays cheerfully with light and shadow.

Brass Relish - The grained brown of Brass Relish blends seamlessly with the colors and design elements of modern vintage style. This sophisticated elegant color embodies finely grained sandstone.

Cinder Craze - Almost black and grainy tones of Cinder Craze add style, personality, and life to industrial-inspired interiors. It is a modern reinterpretation of black sandstone.

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