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So, who do you think your Dog is? DSPCA launch exclusive ancestry ‘Know Your Pet’ DNA Kits

The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) has exclusively partnered with Ancestry®, the leading global experts in DNA, to launch ‘Know your Pet’ DNA testing kits for dogs. Irish dog owners can now learn the ancestry of their special four-legged companions.

Genealogy and ancestry tracing has been growing in popularity over the last number of years thanks to TV show’s such as ‘Who Do you Think You Are?’ and now it is the turn of our furry family members and friends to find out more about their genealogy.

Like human DNA kits, ‘The Know Your Pet’ DNA testing packs are specially designed to allow dog owners to discover more about their dog’s breed mix, traits and lineage. Such insights can lead to greater understanding of pet behaviours allowing owners to more effectively care for their pawsitively lovely pooches.

Testing identifies the core traits of the animal that determine appearance, behaviour, and temperament ensuring owners have a greater awareness of their pet’s needs and why they might be barking up the wrong tree!

Whether it’s the Collie intelligence, Bulldog stubbornness, or Frenchie perky ears, the DNA kit results will detail the doggie attributes that makes a pet so adorable.

The kit is easy to use and gentle on pets, no ruffness, all owners need to do, is collect a saliva sample, and mail it back within the secure box provided by Ancestry®.

Leading experts will then review and provide a full DNA analysis of the dog’s generic code.  The dog’s DNA will also be crossed referenced against the wider dog DNA database to detect close genetic matches to help find extended family members and fur-ever friends.

Commenting, Becky O’Kane, Corporate Volunteer Manager at the Dublin SPCA, said: “The more a pet owner knows about their animal the greater the level of understanding and care.  Animal welfare and responsible pet ownership are at the heart of what we do at the shelter, and we welcome any advancements that allow owners to garner greater understanding of their pets."

"All breeds have distinct needs and traits, a simple DNA test can now provide owners with a detailed breakdown of the dog’s DNA code, identifying the principal breeds present, allowing owners to garner a much greater understanding of the dog’s needs and behaviours. This will ultimately lead to a more positive pet and owner bond and relationship.”

Know Your Pet DNA kits are available exclusively at the DSPCA retail store and online at at an introductory offer of €79.95 (online only) until the end of July.

Slán go fóill.


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