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Tayto Park Donate Supplies to Ireland’s First Wildlife Hospital

Today, Thursday, 25th February, Tayto Park, located in Ashbourne, Co. Meath donated a number of veterinary supplies to help Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland as it opened Ireland’s first animal wildlife hospital located in Garlow Cross, Co. Meath last week.

Pictured are Veterinary Nurse and Tayto Park Zookeeper, Rebecca Tull and Assistant Park & Zoo Manager at Tayto Park, Aisling Power with donation supplies.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland is a not-for-profit organisation and will be relying on public funding to ensure its wildlife hospital can continue to stay open. The donation from Tayto Park put together by its dedicated zoo team includes an array of supplies including towels, animal bedding, medical equipment, cleaning supplies and more which will help play a vital role in the care of sick and injured wildlife.

Supplies donated by Tayto Park such as towels have a number of uses such as ensuring the safe handling of animals so that they can be examined and treated carefully without injuring themselves, while also providing hiding spaces to help wild animals feel safe. Medical equipment such as syringes can be used to help administer medications and fluids or help with feeding animals.

Disposable shoe coverings and general cleaning supplies such as Vetagene disinfectant are crucial items to help against infectious disease, preventing cross contamination, while ensuring that all areas of the wildlife hospital are clean and safe. Animal bedding and in particular wood-chip based bedding material that is dust and odour free is important for birds and rodents who are prone to respiratory infections. It’s easy to clean and very absorbent which will help keep animals comfortable while they are treated and rehabilitated.

Speaking on the donation, Assistant Park and Zoo Manger, Aisling Power said,Everyone here at Tayto Park Zoo are delighted to be able to help and support Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland by donating supplies to their first Wildlife Hospital. Every donation counts for the continuation of this vital service of treating sick and injured native wildlife with the hope of returning them back to the wild”.

Speaking on behalf of the WRI Wildlife Hospital Dan Donoher, Animal Manager said, The hospital is such an exciting and much needed project that relies solely on donations, not just monetary, but supplies such as those donated by Tayto Park. Now that we are open and receiving wildlife the donation will be of great use to us”.

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