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The Fussy Food Plate - A game changer for Parents

Fussy Food Plates is a small Irish business created by a Dublin Mum who had one too many feeding battles!

We've all been there, mealtime arguments and constant battles to get our kids to eat the food we've prepared in front of them. Now there's a plate that will help the struggle and make meal time fun for kids, taking the fuss out of mealtime for everyone!

Designed by a Mum for Everyone

With a background in Science and Engineering Design, Fussy Food Plates Creator Samantha set out to change how Parents could tackle fussy mealtimes: "As a busy Mum of three children under five, I know how stressful mealtimes can be. We want our children to be happy and healthy but often our wishes get in the way of children’s natural desire to constantly explore, be creative and simply play. So I set out to make our mealtimes - fun.

At first, this meant more creativity with menu choices and food design to encourage our children to eat a more varied diet but I soon began to experiment with how and where we eat and that’s when I realised I was missing something…

After 15 months of R&D, product testing and lots of mealtimes. I created The Fussy Food Plate"

Back in July in 2021 Samantha came up with the idea of Fussy Food Plates, and after a year and a half of research, design and development they went live on their online store on 9th January ‘23.

Not only are the plates fun but they are also..

  • BPA Free

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Durable & Easy to Clean

  • With 100% recyclable packaging.

  • Reduces food waste

  • Designed by a busy Irish Mum of three with twenty years experience of product design and manufacturing.

At Fussy Food Plates our mission is simple, we make food fun, remove the stress from mealtimes and turn fussy eaters into funny players!” - Samantha

Creative possibilities are endless with this 9" durable plastic plate. The design is of a unisex character, giving children (and adults) creative freedom with snacks and meals, which can inspire exploration of new foods and textures and broaden a child's diet.

Priced at €15 the Fussy Food Plate is available to buy now on

Anyone who signs up to their newsletter will also receive a free recipe book!

Slán go fóill.


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