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The Helix Panto Online launches!

Book your ticket for this year's Panto, kick back and enjoy it from the comfort of your home...

It's been a strange year to say the least, but the Helix Panto has saved the magic of Christmas with a brilliantly funny, online, Panto.

Tonight saw the Launch of this year's Panto, and while unfortunately we don't get to go to the Helix Dublin this year, they have done a sterling job at delivering a very whimsical pantomime. There's something there for everyone in the Family to enjoy, our 4yo loved the silliness and I cracked up at many things, especially an appearance from The Tiger King himself! Plenty of the feel good comedy you'd expect from the Christmas Panto, delivered in a wholeheartedly fun way. Kudos to writer Karl Harpur and all the cast for putting on a great show, it's an absolute tonic.. 100% recommend that everyone gets to see this over the festive season!!⠀

Tickets are only €20 per household, with scheduled performances at 7pm on Dec 19th, 23rd, 27th, 29th, 31st & Jan 2nd. There's also an 'On Demand' ticket option available for viewing anytime between Dec 23rd to Jan 5th.⠀

Check out the for more details or go here for the previous blog article with all the info 😁⠀

Special thanks to Presence PR for the invite, we loved every minute. ⠀


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