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The Virgin Mary Bar Launches New Mood Boosting Cocktail Menu Filled With Natural Highs

Drinking alcohol-free just got interesting. The Virgin Mary, Ireland’s renowned well-being bar, has launched a brand new ‘Mood Boosting’ cocktail menu to continue its socialising revolution and take Irish bar culture to a new dimension. The one-of-a-kind menu, created by TVM Beverage Director Alex Morrell, has been expertly designed to take visitors on a flavour journey filled with natural highs to stimulate the mind, body and palate.

Coming as a surprise to some, alcohol consumption in Ireland is now at its lowest level in 20 years, having dropped by 32% since 2001 and by almost 5% between 2020 and 2021. Gen Z are leading this social change charge, with recent researching finding that social occasions for many younger people in Ireland are now centered around conviviality and no longer around alcohol. With more and more consumers looking for ways to cut down on alcohol intake, TVM aims to offer an alternative that supports premium social occasions without the need for alcohol, creating a world-class social environment for the new decade in the process.

The new Mood Boosting alcohol-free cocktail menu uses natural highs to create a euphoric experience - all without the hangover. These ‘functional cocktails’ are created using a range of adaptogens or ‘uplifting botanicals’ which provide natural benefits to our bodies and minds whilst delivering a multi-layered flavour journey. Among the 17 Mood Boosting cocktails available to excite the senses, the ‘PBJ’ features flavours of raspberry, peanut and pineapple with an added mood booster of CBD oil to enhance social stimulation and lower inhibitions, while the ‘LOVE POTION NO.9’ offers hints of peppermint, peach and pandon, with an added mood booster of ‘damiana’ to act as a natural aphrodisiac and flirty heart opener. To get the party started, the ‘WASSAIL’ features smoked agave, apple, plum and cinnamon along with Turmeric Tincture to invigorate and energise, and to end the night the ‘GOOD HOPE’ focuses on notes of coconut and chamomile to relax and unwind into a cloud of contentment.

Vaughan Yates, TVM Bar Collective Founder and Co-Owner, said: “We’re extremely proud to have created a truly dynamic space in Dublin where people can socialise on a more conscious level and experience a connection that speaks to their lifestyle and wellbeing needs. With our new Mood Boosting cocktail menu featuring a range of exciting and innovative drinks to enhance your mood, there’s a whole new world of natural highs just waiting to be discovered. This is a breakthrough alco-alternative way of socialising that will leave our mindful consumers looking good, feeling great and ready to influence a new generation.”

Alex Morrell, TVM Beverage Director, added: “After many fun months of research and development, I am excited to reveal TVM’s new mood boosting cocktail menu. A world first, this menu focuses not only on amazing flavours, but how our adaptogenic ingredients offer natural stimulation for the body and mind, resulting in a completely unique beverage experience for our guests!”

TVM have also partnered with local Malaysian cuisine specialists Kopitiam, to create a Malaysian street food menu that complements the world famous well-being drinks. Guests can share a selection of specially chosen light bites while sipping on a guilt-free tipple in one of Dublin City’s most atmospheric neighbourhoods. Through mood boosting alcohol-free cocktails, heavenly cuisine, and an exhilarating atmosphere, TVM are the global pioneers of this type of proposition and deliver a one-of-a-kind wellbeing bar concept with a uniquely euphoric twist.

The Virgin Mary Online Shop also offers a carefully chosen and exclusive range of the best alcohol-free products from around the world to enjoy at home. With delivery available nationwide, the TVM experience can be brought right to your doorstep no matter where you are.

Are you ready to #DrinkDifferent?

A Taster of the Mood Boosting Cocktail Menu..

PBJ (€9)

Ingredients: Sentia, Fire & 5th, Raspberry Tea Jam, Powdered Peanut Butter, Pineapple, Lime.

Mood Booster: CBD Oil to enhance social stimulation and lower inhibitions.


Ingredients: Natureo Muscat, Crossip Fresh, Theenk Tea Evening Delight, Peppermint Cold Brew, Peach, Pandon, Cardamom, Chamomile.

Mood Booster: Damiana to act as a natural aphrodisiac and flirty heart opener.


Ingredients: FLUÈRE Smoked Agave, Clean R Golden Spiced, Apple, Plum, Cinnamon Tea, Turmeric Tincture.

Mood Booster: Turmeric to invigorate body, mind and spirit.

GOOD HOPE (€9.50)

Ingredients: Wild Eve, Mahala, Fix8 Citrus Saffron, Charred Orange, Lemon, Cream, Coconut, Egg White Foam

Mood Booster: Chamomile to relax and unwind into a cloud of contentment.

The Virgin Mary Bar Information:

Address: 54 Capel St, Dublin 1

Opening Hours: Thursday – Saturday, 5pm-11pm

Bookings: Walk-ins only for groups under 6.

Contact: for group bookings.

Website and online shop:

Slán go fóill.


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