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A year to remember: CEWE Ireland survey highlights role of photography in celebrating life’s big (and small) moments

Almost 8 out of 10 (79%) Irish consumers look back over their photographs as a way of lifting their spirits, according to new research carried out by CEWE, Europe's leading photo printing specialists.

The CEWE Ireland survey explores the important role of photographs in our lives, including the way our photo collections can help us to reflect on the year gone by. The research found that creating a memory to look back on is the main reason (78%) that people take a photo in the first place, with 32% of respondents admitting they browse their photos daily and 39% saying they pore over their gallery at least once a week to spark feelings of nostalgic joy.


For most amateur snappers, it’s who’s in the frame that makes the photo count, with 63% of those surveyed opting to capture family moments most frequently. And, even though we live in the Insta generation, just 2% admit that they fill their camera roll with selfies!


Commenting on the research findings, Steve Manfield CEWE Ireland & UK Marketing Director, said: “Our survey shows that Irish consumers are prolific photo-takers, and also that people love turning their photos into prints or photo books so they have tangible memories from the year to look back on."


“Psychology tells us that looking back at the previous year’s photos at this time of year can make human beings happy, and our survey shows that having physical reminders of people, pets, places and memories can be really beneficial for our mental health and wellbeing,” Mr. Manfield said.


For the majority (34%) of survey respondents, revisiting photos is an active part of their self-care and mindfulness routine, as well as an opportunity to appreciate achievements and set priorities for the year ahead. According to Chartered Psychologist, Dr Denise Taylor, there is a good reason for this:


Physically holding a photo engages more senses, enhancing the emotional connection. It’s a totally different perspective to view something printed, rather than to scroll through our phone,” says Dr Taylor. “The picture is bigger, the image is sharper, the detail clearer. For that reason, we have a deeper emotional connection to a printed image.”


Printing can safeguard memories

As many have found to their cost, losing or breaking a digital device can delete some of these treasured photo memories, with well over half of survey respondents (62%) highlighting concerns about losing access to special family memories stored in the cloud or on their devices.


Transforming digital images into tangible prints and CEWE PHOTOBOOKs not only safeguards those precious moments but also enhances the joy and emotional connection associated with each image,” says CEWE’s Steve Manfield. “It's about creating a lasting legacy that goes beyond the digital screen.”

As the new year and darker days of January encourages reflection, CEWE Ireland is encouraging photo lovers to explore the narratives tucked away in their digital photo libraries from the last 12 months by creating printed PHOTOBOOKS to look back on for years to come.


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