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Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day being just under a week away, it's going to be a little different this year obviously, but while we can't go for meals out, hit the Cinema's or places of leisure, we can make the most of being at home with loved ones, or yourself (can't love another without loving oneself first, right?) So here's a few ideas that might brighten up the day for you, or someone special...


Why not kick back in the evening with some cocktails or drinks, delived by the likes of ThunderRoad Café or you're local Restaurant/Bar that you might have visited if things were back to normal!?

One thing we'd all love to do, is head into town and catch a good show.. well, Keith Barry is putting on a special show online for Valentine’s Day in the wake of not being able to get out and about this year, so that's the entertainment sorted. Tickets for Keith Barry's Virtual Valentine's Brainhacking Show are only €27.55 per household (available here)

*Very limited amount of tickets left at the time of writing. I posted a little bit more information on the event here.


Thinking of those local/favourite restaurants again, check yours out on Social Media, I bet they are delivering for Valentine’s and would love your support during these crazy times! (vouchers are always good too, if you prefer to dine out further down the line)

If you don't want to go big with ordering in from a restaurant or your favourite take away, why not rustle something up in the kitchen? As most people know, I'm a big fan of Aldi, and they have some cracking deals on groceries that will fuel all the ingredients for a perfect Valentine’s Dinner, including up to 35% off specially selected steaks. With some recipes on their website, and all your Valentine’s essentials covered, from a great range of flowers to gifts and treats, it's definitely worth popping into 1 of their 145 stores Nationwide to see what's on offer.

For some tasty treats, get some donuts delivered to your door.. who wouldn't want delicious donuts??

The Rolling Donut have some tasty options available, a Sweetheart Box containing Donuts and Chocolate Bombs (pictured below), and a Valentine’s Box containing 12 beautiful donuts. Check them out here.

Offbeat Donuts also have some beautiful donuts on offer for Valentine’s, with the "Lovers" selection, available in boxes of 3, 6 & 12. They also offer an individual box option. Check them out here.

For those wanting to keep things 'sweet', check out Munch Diddly's Valentine’s Day Mystery box, which is full of treats including drinks, popcorn, crisps, chocolate & sweets. A perfect surprise gift, or treat than can be enjoyed by sharing! The box is €30, and can be found here

If you plan on kicking back with a movie or Netflix binge, check out the Irish Popcorn & Snack Company, you may have seen their massive buckets of popcorn in the supermarkets, but did you know they deliver Movie Time Gift Boxes? Containing popcorn, nachos, pick 'n mix and candy floss, bringing the movie experience to your home. Starting at €20, these boxes are available here.

Bubbles & Wine:

I mentioned previously about Aldi’s unbelievable value for Wine & Bubbles selection, hit the link above to check out their great value range.

For some of the higher alcohol content picks, head over to Celtic Whiskey Shop's website and check out their deals on spirits.

And finally, don't forget the Flowers:

Whether brightening up a loved ones day, or cheering yourself up, flowers are the perfect pick me up for any occasion.. but especially for Valentine’s Day. Personally speaking, I've always found Flower Lane, Bloom Magic & Interflora excellent for quality and value, and Aldi have some show stopping bouquets in store from the 12th February, definitely worth checking out.

Hope you have a lovely Valentine’s, whatever you get up to!

Slán go fóill,


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