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Whiskey Write Up | Crown Royal

Next up for a 'Whiskey Write Up' is a Whisky that comes from across the pond, Crown Royal⠀

Crown Royal is a Canadian Blended Whisky, it's the most popular De Luxe Whiskey in Canada. This one has always been a favourite of mine, so naturally was going to feature.⠀

Taste wise it's a full-bodied whisky, yet delicately smooth and creamy, with hints of oak and vanilla. Robust with hints of fruit, and a long, lingering finish.⠀

For me it's an everyday whisky, but also one you can break out with guests around, or simply enjoy by itself on an occasion to treat yourself. The bottle design is fantastic, with the velvet bag it comes in adding a slight bit of class.

However I do feel it's a little let down by the plastic screw cap. That doesn't derive from the liquid though, which is the most important part of any bottling!⠀

And anyway, at a price point of around €40 per bottle, you can't expect too much more. Fantastic drop of Whisky, one that will suit any whisky drinkers pallete.⠀


ABV 40% | 1litre⠀⠀⠀

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Rich and robust, with slight hints of vanilla and fruit.

Palate: Delicately smooth and creamy, with hints of oak and the sweet flavour of vanilla.

Finish: Long and Lingering

Fun fact: Created to celebrate a visit from King George VI & Queen Elizabeth in 1939, this Whiskey is such an easy drop, yet versatile enough to make a great companion to many a decent cocktail recipe.⠀

For more information on this visit

You can find this whiskey, and all your whiskey needs, at our good friends James J Foxes via Slán go fóill, Danny🥃


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