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Whiskey Write Up | Kininvie 17yo⠀

Next up for a 'Whiskey Write Up' is one of my favourite whiskies of all time, Kininvie 17yo Batch 001. A Single Malt which was matured in American Oak & Sherry Casks.⠀

This one is a little harder to acquire these days, and as it was a Travel Retail Exclusive it has become even more elusive with the current situation in the world.⠀

Kininvie is a very small Distillery in Dufftown, Scotland.. located beside the Balvenie Distillery. Owned by William Grants & Sons who use the distillery to produce liquid for their blended Malts and whiskies. The Distillery itself is quite experimental and does not work to a commercial agenda, in fact it has only released a handful of bottles under the Kininvie brand (spoiler alert, they're awesome!)⠀

This one from kininvie, 17yo Batch 001, is just so smooth! On the nose is a zesty orange peel, with orchard fruits. A buttery smooth whiskey, with elements of chocolate, vanilla and the Sherry sweetness coming through to a soft and delicate finish.⠀


It's only sold in 350ml/35cl bottles, and is a little higher in the price range of around €120 a bottle. But, for me, this is worth every cent!

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Honey, orange peel, meaty malt and a touch of white grape

Palate: Floral barley arrives first, shortly followed by a kick of nutmeg, chocolate and vanilla. Well-rounded with thick waves of honey.

Finish: Lingering charred oak.

ABV 42.6% | 35cl

For more information on this, and Kininvie's portfolio, visit

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Slán go fóill,



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