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Whiskey Write Up | Teeling Whiskey Small Batch

Up next for a Whiskey Write Up, I've chosen what I like to call my 'Goldilocks Whiskey' for this 'Whiskey Write Up'. I've always been a huge fan of Teeling Whiskey, and having worked for them for 3 years I've loved seeing them grow continuously.

What's always stood out for me, through the many excellent releases Teeling have knocked out over the years, is the consistency of their flagship bottle 'Small Batch'. Having had the pleasure of being a Teeling Brand Ambassador for a few years, I really got to know and enjoy this bottling. I gave it the nickname 'Goldilocks' calling it my Goldilocks Whiskey 'cos it's just right. This is a nod to the fairytale where the porridge was perfect for the Golden haired little thief!

It's a blend of Malt and Grain finished in Nicaraguan Rum casks for a minimum of 6 months. This results in a beautifully balanced blend that has every box ticked in my opinion. The use of Central American Rum casks, opposed to Caribbean Rum Casks gives it a less sweet finish, and is what sets it apart from other Rum Cask finished whiskeys I've tried.

On the nose it's quite light and floral, with sweet Rum notes coming through. To taste it's uniquely smooth, a lot of sweet vanilla tones with dried fruits/raisins coming through before the apparent Rum follows on. A long lingering sweet finish with a subtle spice and oak that leaves you wanting more of this little beauty. For Teeling to still have this as their staple whiskey after all these years is a testament to the bottle itself, a delicious drop and fantastically priced at just under €40. I thoroughly recommend trying this for one if you haven't already, and it's certainly worth a revisit if it's been a while since your last sip!

Tasting Notes:

Nose: An inviting nose where vanilla and spice dances with bright sweet notes of Rum.

Palate: Very approachable the influence of the rum cask and higher percentage alcohol creates a unique smooth, sweet, slightly woody marriage that sparkles on the tongue.

Finish: An inviting nose where vanilla and spice dances with bright sweet notes of Rum

ABV 46% | 70cl⠀⠀

You can find this whiskey, and all your whiskey needs, at our good friends James J Foxes via

For more information on this, and Teeling Whiskey's impressive portfolio, visit

Slán go fóill,



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