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Writers’ Tears Irish Whiskey announce Summer Masterclass at Waterford Walls Festival

Writers’ Tears Irish Whiskey, headline sponsor of Waterford Walls Festival, has announced a ticketed tasting event on Friday, August 18th from 6 pm - 8 pm in Revolution, the Apple Market, 19 John Street, Waterford.

To celebrate the international street art festival, the masterclass will be led by acclaimed drinks expert, journalist and broadcaster, Tom Doorley. Tom’s passion is evident in every word, gesture and in his storytelling on the history of whiskey in Ireland, its renaissance in recent years and how it can be best enjoyed.

Tom will take you on a journey of discovery through a variety of Writers’ Tears expressions which have been carefully hand-picked to showcase the depth and variety of Irish whiskey. Attendees will be encouraged to engage in lively discussions with their own impressions and thoughts on their own preferences when it comes to the whiskey tasted throughout the night. When leaving, attendees will depart with a newfound confidence and a rounded understanding of whiskey, even down to the glassware that is recommended!

Tom Doorley says “Irish whiskey is one of the most complex, fascinating, and ancient spirits in the world and it has seen a remarkable renaissance over the past decade or so, with brands like Writers’ Tears making a huge contribution to this revival. At the turn of the last century, Irish whiskey was the most prized in the world and it is well on its way to regaining that pre-eminent position amongst discriminating consumers. These are exciting times for a drink, much more than a drink in reality, with a heritage as rich and as complex as Irish whiskey itself.”

Tickets €15 now available here

All proceeds from the event are going to the Walls Project Fund for Community Projects.

Slán go fóill.


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