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Back to School with George Foreman

As back to school planning and extra-curricular activities begin, our hectic schedules will soon return. Trying to plan healthy, convenient meals can be overwhelming, so why not lighten the load with George Foreman’s versatile range of grills which allows you to prepare nutritious snacks and meals for the entire family in minutes.


Fit Grill

The Fit Grill Collection transforms cooking experiences by reducing prep time, making it easier to create healthy dishes at home. The Collection is designed to fit into your everyday life; it’s small, light, and easy to clean – without compromising on premium grilling performance. Updated with a new premium look and feel, the grill comes in a stylish shiny black design with matte finishes. The Fit Grill is guaranteed to make a style statement in any kitchen and help you eat well more often.

Available in three sizes (S €24.99, M €39.99 and L €89.99), the collection offers everything you’ve come to expect from a George Foreman Grill, including vertical storage and brilliant cooking results, but with 30% reduction in footprint and 160% faster heat up speed. From sizzling steaks and seared vegetables to hearty paninis, they offer a healthy way to prepare a variety of tasty, low calorie meals, while preserving every bit of delicious flavour. With an improved non-stick grill coating, the Fit Grill distributes heat evenly, ensuring superior cooking results and precise grilling, every time. And with angled grilling plates and a built-in drip tray, they reduce fat to support a balanced diet.


Smokeless Grill

George Foreman’s Smokeless Grill (RRP €129.99) is designed to cook nutritious grilled food without any lingering greasy smells or a smoke filled room. With Smokeless Contact Grilling for up to 87% Less Smoke (vs George Foreman Classic Grill), the hot cooking juices are quickly directed through holes in the grill plate and immediately cooled, preventing them from burning onto the grill, which helps to eliminate smoke. The Integrated Venting System helps to keep the unit cool so that it doesn’t overheat and prevents any fat on the drip tray or grill plate burning to help eliminate greasy smells.

Updated with a new premium look and feel, the smokeless grill comes in a stainless steel finish, guaranteed to make a style statement in any kitchen. Cleaning your Smokeless Grill has never been easier. With an Advanced Non Stick Coating, you can simply wipe the plates with a damp sponge or cloth, for effortless cleaning. The Removable Plates and Drip Tray are also Dishwasher Safe and 3X More Durable (Compared to standard George Tough TM non-stick coating) so you can easily pop them in the dishwasher without the coating wearing away.


The George Foreman range is available from independent electrical retailers nationwide.

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