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Barratt Ice-lollies are back at Iceland Ireland, keeping things sweet this summer

Following record-breaking summer sales in 2020, Iceland Ireland has once again teamed up with Barratt confectionary, the all-time family favourite sweet brand, to transform some classic retro flavours into a range of refreshing ice-lollies.

Classic hits in the range include the famous Wham Bar; the popular Cola Bottle, the 80’s foam Banana and lots, lots more! These retro sweet shop favourites inspired flavours are sure to be a hit again this summer as shoppers take a sweet-trip down memory lane - after all, what child of the 80’s didn’t enjoy a penny sweet!

These retro flavours will bring pure nostalgia for any Irish kid of the 80’s and will be something new for children of today to enjoy. Classics like Wham Bar, Sherbet Fountain and Foam Banana sweets will be found in the form of an ice-lolly, and at the great value of €2.50 (RRP), will anyone be able to resist this fantastic range?!

It doesn’t end there! Fan of the famous Cola Bottles or Milk Bottles? Well shoppers will be thrilled to see these delicious flavours also being transformed into ice-lolly delights.For those who were on team Nougat back in the day, look no further than the Nougat ice-lolly that also joins the new range, alongside the Anglo Bubbly and Milkshake ice-lollies which completes the list of classics.

This exciting new ice-lolly range is exclusive to Iceland Ireland and shoppers are rejoicing at the collaboration Iceland has with Barratt to create these incredible sweet treats for the whole family to enjoy – they don’t call Iceland Ireland the frozen food experts for nothing!

All eight new ice-lolly flavours are available now across Iceland Ireland’s 27 stores nationwide. If last summer’s record time sell out is anything to go by, make sure to pick up these exciting new flavours as soon as possible to not disappoint!

A full list of products can be found below:

·Barratt 4pk Barratts Foam Banana €2.50

·Barratt 4pk Barratts Wham Bars €2.50

·Barratt 4pk Sherbet Fountain €2.50

·Barratt 4pk Nougat Ice Lollies €2.50

·Barratt 6pk Anglo Bubbly Lollies €2.50

·Barratt 6pk Cola Bottles Ice Lollies€2.50

·Barratt 6pk Milk Bottles Ice Lollies €2.50

·Barratt 6pk Milkshake Ice Lollies €2.50

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