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Beekon Batches Launch 'Discovery Box' Gift Box

Beekon Batches, the awesome Irish Startup who have a created a new alcohol offering in a range of Natural Honey Refreshers, have unveiled a Gift Box just in time for gifting season!

The Beekon Discovery Box contains all 4 of their delicious, natural flavours. Classic Honey, Ginger & Lime, Elderflower & Lemon and their newest flavour edition Seabreeze (Cranberry, Pink Grapefruit & Lime)

These Honey Refreshers are something, different, better and moreish. A new type of alcohol beverage for those of you who choose to drink better. Made using only the most natural of ingredients.

Beekon Batches ferment hand poured Honey, using water & yeast then infuse it with fresh natural additions such as lemon, elderflower, lime and ginger. 5% alcohol, bubbly and deliciously enjoyable.. think honey prosecco at 5% alcohol, infused with fresh flavours.

The Beekon Discovery Box is a perfect gifting alternative to the standard bottle of wine for employees or Christmas gifts this year.

It’s a win win. Those that are gifted it, will thank you. And I know the founding ladies at Beekon will be grateful too!

Check out for details.

Slán go fóill,



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