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Domino’s trials ‘Heat Suit’ made from pizza delivery bag technology to keep customers warm

The big freeze has hit Ireland this week, with temperatures plunging to as low as –8°c across parts of the county. To help keep customers snug, Domino’s is trialling the use of its trusted pizza delivery bag technology to create the ultimate warmer – in the form of a Heat Suit.

The Domino’s Hot Bag technology was first introduced in 1998 to ensure that pizza was delivered piping hot to customer's homes. It’s layered with innovative thermal insulation that keeps pizzas hot, and the material is now being trialled to help keep the nation extra warm during cold spells. Pending its successful testing, the suit could become available to those feeling the chill or looking to stay toasty when catching up with friends during the cold season.

Using the Hot Bag insulation, the suit will easily maintain core body temperature, with the pizza bag material only losing 4 degrees of temperature over a two-hour period. The suit is not only super warm, but it’s also practical. It’s equipped with an easily accessible mobile phone holder on the arm, as well as a front pouch for stashing away Garlic & Herb Dip, and knee inserts for napkins.

The Domino’s Heat Suit contains enclosed hand and feet features to keep toasty warm, with detachable gloves for easy pizza slice grabbing.

Sam Wilson, Temperature Control Officer said: “We believe that pizza should only be eaten one way – piping hot and that’s all thanks to our Hot Bag technology during deliveries."

“The Heat Suit trial is one small step for Domino’s, but a giant leap for warmth. It’s early days for our trial, and sadly customers can’t get their hands on one just yet, but if all goes to plan our Heat Suit could be a game changer for future pizza lovers who want to be as toasty as our dough.”

Sam Wilson added “People have different ways of trying to deal with a dip in the mercury – whether that’s wrapping up or even staying in their loungewear for ultimate comfort. Whatever you need to do to stay warm, you do it – we won’t judge.”

Slán go fóill.


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