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Iceland Ireland Launch Ultimate BBQ Range With A Twist!

Just in time for the predicted soaring temperatures this weekend, Iceland Ireland launch exclusive new BBQ range with a twist and complete retro style ice-creams perfect for any Irish BBQ!

The new range is one of Iceland’s biggest yet, and with superior quality products at such great value there really is no excuse not to dust off the BBQ and fire up the grill! All dishes are marinated and grill ready, so all BBQ aficionados need to do is get their flame on! Furthermore, with typical Irish weather there is often not long to plan for a BBQ, so Iceland Ireland’s frozen BBQ range is perfect to have in the freezer. And for those who have a small freezer; Iceland has it covered too! A large selection of the new BBQ range at Iceland Ireland are also fridge-able! Check out the packs for the fridge-able symbol.

For those who love the classic BBQ burger, then the mouth-watering Double Cheese Burger (4pk €3.50) and Ultimate Grill Burger (8pk €4.50) are the perfect choice. Iceland Ireland also have some exciting and flavoursome twists on the classic burger, with the Pepperoni Burger (2pk €4.00) and Nacho Cheese Burgers (4pk €4.00). For the hotdog lovers among barbeque guests, the Iceland Piri Piri Sausages (6 pk €4.50) are a must-add to the shopping basket this year along with the all-important Iceland Hot Dog Roll (12 pk, €2.00)!

For some barbeque staples with a little bit of spice, try the Spicy Double Cheeseburgers (4pk €4.00) or the Hot & Spicy Pork Loin Steaks (4pk €4.00). For the wing lovers among the group, be sure to pick up the scrumptious Southern Fried Chicken Wings (800g €5.00) and the classic Barbeque Chicken Wings (850g €5.00).

With a flavour to tickle anyone’s fancy, try Iceland Ireland’s HUGE range of sizzling skewers: BBQ Chicken Skewers (340g €5.00), Salt & Chilli Chicken Skewers (340g €5.00), Tandoori Chicken Skewers (340g €5.00) and Chicken & Chorizo Skewers (4pk €4.50).

Able to handle the heat? Then give the Lamb & Mint Koftas (6pk €4.50) a go or opt for the Scarily Spicy Carolina Reaper Chicken Wings (750g €5.00) for a sizzling special.

Every barbeque is about the sides and sauces that accompany the burger and skewer staples, and Iceland Ireland have the perfect range of extras to complete every Summer feast among friends.

For a flavoursome take on the classic chip, be sure to pick up the Southern Fried Chips (750g €1.75) or the Hash Brown Fries (550g €2.00). Iceland Ireland also offers a huge range of sauces to add that extra dollop of flavour to any barbeque spread. From classics like Hellmann’s Mayonnaise (600g €4.75) and Heinz Tomato Ketchup (342g €2.00), to Cali Cali Baja Chipotle salsa (235g €3.00) and Nando’s Hot Perinaise (265g €2.50), there really is something to satisfy all tastebuds!

The exclusive Iceland Ireland bumper pack is extra tasty and includes the appetising BBQ Selection Pack (24pk €8.00), containing 8 chicken drumsticks, 8 beef burgers and 8 pork sausages, ensuring there is always something for everyone at an Iceland barbie! For those who favour chicken, pick up the Chicken Portions (1.9kg €5.50) or the Chicken Drumsticks (1.7kg €5.50) and enjoy the feast!

No barbeque is complete without a sweet treat and Iceland Ireland’s delicious new ice-cream ranges are inspired by popular nostalgic sweets and chocolates, plucked straight from the confectionary aisle. Shoppers can enjoy the iconic combination of malt and chocolate with the creation of the creamy Malteser White Ice Cream (3pk €4.00) and the fruity Malteser Raspberry Ice Cream (3pk €4.00). Fans of The Great American Chocolate Bar can rejoice with the launch of Hershey Cookies & Cream Ice cream Sticks (3pk €4.00), perfect to serve as a tasty dessert this BBQ season.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Shoppers can taste the rainbow with Skittles Rainbow Ice Cream (4pk €4.00) and Iceland has answered every Capri-Sun lover’s dream by creating an iced version of the classic, free from  artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Sharing an iconic taste loved by all ages, the classic pouches are getting an icy upgrade, Capri Sun Ice Freezies (12pk €4.50).

Barratt fans will be thrilled to see three new Iceland exclusives in the form of Swizzels Drumstick Squashies Ice Lollies (4pk €2.75), Swizzles Drumstick Squashies Bubblegum Lollies (4pk €2.75) and Swizzles Parma Violets (4pk €2.75).

Visit for more Summer BBQ inspiration and for details of Iceland Ireland’s new online home delivery service.

Slán go fóill.


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