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Introducing the Lindt TEDDY Augmented Reality Advent Calendar

This Christmas, Lindt is sweetening the season by unveiling an exciting twist on a beloved festive tradition with the new Lindt TEDDY Augmented Reality Advent Calendar. As the festive season approaches, Lindt continues to enchant chocolate lovers by combining the finest milk chocolate expertly crafted by the Master Chocolatiers, with a heartfelt and captivating augmented reality experience.

Join TEDDY on 24 festive, heart-warming augmented reality adventures while enjoying a selection of the finest milk chocolates, expertly crafted by the Master Chocolatiers. The Lindt TEDDY AR Advent Calendar will also include 24 of the finest Lindt milk chocolates, including the iconic Lindt TEDDY 100G with his unique and magical heart charm.

In addition to embracing the traditional ritual of opening a sweet surprise each day, you can also scan the QR code on the back with a smartphone, point the camera towards the front of the TEDDY AR Advent Calendar, and watch the magic unfold. From sleigh rides in snow-adorned landscapes to snowball fights and decorating gingerbread biscuits, the captivating AR experience brings to life a festive tale of Lindt TEDDY. There are 24 days of enchanting adventures, all forming one heart-warming, festive story. The Lindt TEDDY Augmented Reality Advent Calendar 250g will be available nationwide (RRP €16.50), making it the perfect gift for families and friends seeking chocolate delights and enchanting adventures.

Also new for 2023 is Lindt TEDDY Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar 170g (€9.50) and Lindt FESTIVE Selection Advent Calendar 296g (€16.50). Countdown to Christmas and discover delicious festive milk and white chocolates crafted with care by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers!

A firm family favourite each festive season the adorable Lindt TEDDY, lovingly created by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers has lots of exciting creations to share with the ones you love.

Products include:

Lindt Santa Sleigh 5 Pack

€4.25 - 50g

Lindt Santa 5 Pack

€4.25 - 50g

Lindy TEDDY 5 Pack

€4.25 - 50g

Lindt TEDDY Milk

€0.80 - 10g

€2.75 - 40g

€5.50 - 100g

Lindt Santa

€5.50 - 125g

Lindt Reindeer

€5.50 - 100g

Lindt TEDDY White Chocolate

€5.50 - 100g

Lindt TEDDY in Santa Outfit

€5.50 - 100g

Lindt TEDDY in Pink Christmas Jumper

€5.50 - 100g

Lindt TEDDY Christmas Green Jumper

€8 - 200g

Lindt TEDDY Crispy Pouch

€5 - 120g

Lindt Advent Calendar

€9 - 160g

Lindt Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar

€9.50 - 170g

Lindy Teddy AR Advent Calendar

€16.50 - 250g

Lindt Festive Selection Advent Calendar

€16.50 - 296g

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