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It's time to get festive with some TV Christmas Ads!

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm usually the first to give out about Christmas being advertised in November.. but you know what, this year has just been so out of the ordinary that I've thrown my hands up and embraced the madness of it all!

So, grab a tin of sweets, put the feet up (heck put the decorations up of you want!) and check out some of the best current TV Christmas Adverts.. along with some old classics to get you in the festive mood.


First up is the always anticipated John Lewis ad, which surprisingly hasn't gone for a tug of the heart strings this year, but instead asks to "give a little love"..


Supervalu were probably the first to get the eyes watering this year with this heartwarming effort.. "you just gotta believe"..


Ever since McDonalds released 'Reindeer Food' they've been making some heartwarming ads over the years, saying that we all should release our inner child etc, no matter what age at Christmas time we're all just big kids..


Ah there he is... KEVIN!!! ALDI's Kevin the Carrott is back, trying to make his way home for Christmas with a little help from Colm Meaney as Santa Claus..


Seems over the past couple of years, making cute and emotional ads at Christmas is the thing to do, let's see if we can make you cry before Christmas! This one from Disney hits right in the feels, but it is a nice reminder that tradition and Family are the most important things..


What's Christmas without toys!? This cheeky bit of magic from LEGO has the feel good factor..


Woodie's are another sending the message of togetherness at Christmas, maybe not as heartwarming as other ads, but it's a great effort..


Ladbaby continue to dominate Christmas with their quest of the Sausage Roll takeover, this time with Walkers Crisps. Anyone not following this joyous crew need to rethink!..


Amazon hit home for 2020, things have been more than strange this year, lots of plans got cancelled etc, but they opt for keeping tge head up in uncertain times, "the show must go on"..


Bringing it back to last year for one of my favourite Christmas ads from Argos, simple joyous fun, 100% feel good factor with a classic from Simple Minds..


Now this, this is pure nostalgia! Who remembers the Budweiser Christmas ad from 1987..


Speaking of nostalgia.. the "little unorthodox" Kellog's Corn Flakes ad from 1991 is a pure classic, ho ho ho ...


"Penney's, got a whole lot of things for Christmas", go on try get it out of your head now! I remember this 1990 classic song more so from the radio than the telly, but still sing it every year..


This needs no introduction really does it, the all time 1995 classic from Coca-Cola! Commonly recognised as 'the start of Christmas' when you see this ad.. "Holidays are coming"..


And finally, this years Late Late Toy Show, an Irish institution.. roll on November 27th!🍿


Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed this short list and I haven't left out your favourite?

It's November, but.. IT'S (OK to talk about) CHRISTMAS!!

Enjoy the festive period folks, Lord knows we could do with a good one!🎄


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