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Jennifer Zamparelli admits her “I just don’t give a shit” attitude is her superpower!

TV and Radio personality Jennifer Zamparelli reveals her “I just don’t give a shit” attitude is her superpower and allows her to approach her life and career with a level of fearless contentment. 

In the season finale of ‘The Number’, the popular podcast by Darren Kennedy, the star also said she had doubts on her wedding day when marrying her husband Lau Zamparelli.

In her most honest and candid interview to date, Zamparelli, went on to say that after 15 years together she “loves her husband Lau more than ever”, but no relationship is perfect, and it is important to acknowledge that.

Discussing her newfound sense of happiness, the star reveals that turning 40 has led her to a greater sense of happiness and she now recognises the importance of family and friends.

She is still ambitious but will never again miss a family event such as her sister’s wedding due to work commitments!

Going further Zamparelli admits “I was probably a bit of an asshole in my 20’s and 30’s but I have always considered myself a good friend and work colleague."

When probed further by Kennedy she said she would like her legacy to be “a load of people at my funeral” with people saying she was a good friend and a nice person.

Commenting on his season finale chat with Jennifer Zamparelli, Darren Kennedy said:  "It is always a pleasure to have a good chat with my dear friend Jennifer, it is lovely to allow my listeners to hear a sample of our honest conversations that we enjoy as friends. Jennifers inspiring approach to life has helped me to navigate challenges in my life and I am sure it will resonate with listeners. It feels right to end season one of ‘The Number’ with a powerful and frank conversation with someone as open and refreshing as Jennifer. I have already started working on season two of the podcast and I am excited to share even more hard-hitting conversations with an array of personalities from all walks of life”

The final episode of ‘The Number’ is available on all streaming platforms now. Listen to the Jennifer Zamparelli interview here.

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