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L’OR Coffee Artists Share Top Tips to Master the Art of Expert Coffee Tasting

A staggering two billion cups of coffee are consumed every day, making it the most popular drink worldwide. Coffee lovers can now enjoy a coffee shop experience at home with the launch of L’OR BARISTA Sublime, a double-spouted espresso coffee machine, available now from €89.99 in Dunnes Stores and Tesco nationwide, and online at

With approximately 181 coffee shops per 100,000 people, Dublin is rated as the second-most ‘coffee-obsessed’ capital in the world. Taking on the challenge of creating the perfect brew for such coffee-obsessed citizens of the world, L’OR has a dedicated team of Coffee Artists that are passionate about coffee innovation. Almost 2,000 different elements contribute to the aroma of your daily caffeine fix and L'OR Coffee Artists have created each blend with layers of flavour and aromas that engage all of the senses.

With there being an expert art to tasting and enjoying the perfect cup of coffee, here are five top tips from L’OR Coffee Artists to get the most out of your brew:

1. Stir your coffee so it's evenly distributed throughout and let it cool for a moment before tasting

2. Avoid eating spicy food beforehand as this can alter the taste of your coffee

3. Swirl the coffee in your mouth for 5 – 10 seconds to engage all your taste receptors

4. If a label says ‘notes of chocolate’ for example, smell a piece of chocolate and see if you can identify those tasting notes within the coffee

5. Continue to taste the coffee as it cools to discover aromas that could have initially been masked by heat

Single or double Ristrettos, Espressos and Lungos can now be enjoyed at home, as well as all other favourite coffee recipes without having to step foot in a coffee shop. What really makes this system stand apart is the ability to take the new and exclusive L’OR Barista XXL capsules, which contain twice the amount of coffee. These capsules can make a double shot espresso favourite, a larger coffee similar to those you’d get in a coffee shop, or, using the unique double spout on the coffee machine – make two drinks at the same time.

Created in collaboration with designer Khodi Feiz, the compact L’OR BARISTA Sublime coffee machine is available in three standout colours. Not only that, it is compatible with L’OR Espresso single shot capsules and L’OR BARISTA XXL capsules, but also allows coffee lovers to use the wide range of alternative branded coffee capsules on the market including most Nespresso® compatible capsules, providing maximum flexibility and choice.

Made in partnership with single serve coffee machine pioneers Philips, the new L’OR coffee machine is complete with dual capsule recognition technology, which automatically detects the capsule size and 19 bar brewing pressure for true barista quality.

L’OR Barista capsules are also fully recyclable – more information can be found here.

Slán go fóill.


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