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Tasty Takeaway | Roosters Piri Piri

Another Tasty Takeaway to bring you, this time around I'm recommending Roosters Piri Piri.

Roosters is one of those places that I've had on a 'must visit soon' list for a while now. When I realised they deliver, I knew it was time to finally try their famous Piri Piri Chicken! The fact that Roosters chicken is marinated in a bespoke basting for 24 hours, then steamed, before being finished off on the grill really caught my attention. I was delighted to collaborate with them for this review.


First thing to try was their Wings, a staple to any Piri Piri menu. These are succulent chicken wings with a beautifully subtle chargrilled taste and did not disappoint. The level of spice is your choice, available in Extra Hot, Hot, Lemon & Herb, Medium or No Spice at all. I went for Medium here and they were perfect, just the right amount of heat. It's a decent portion too, with the option of 10 or 20 available (€8.45 & €12.95) Also worth noting that they are Gluten, Lactose & Nut Free.

On to the mains:

Chicken Pitta - Tender flame grilled chicken, again the spice level is optional (I went for Hot on this one), served in a Pitta with lettuce and Piri Piri Mayo. I added a slice of cheese (other toppings available like avocado, pineapple, halloumi etc) This is customisable with the option of Pitta, Bun or Wrap to serve it on plus there's an option of doubling up on the chicken. We also tried it on a Bun with a little less heat (Medium) and it was just as succulent.

The chicken is €9.45 with an extra €4.50 if you choose to double it.

On to the sides:

The fries are perfect, I got both the Regular Fries and the Piri Fries (€3.95 each) It's a good portion size, and the fries are crispy but not overdone, well balanced with crispness and a fluffy centre, a very good side to an already tasty meal. The Piri Fries are more subtle than a fiery expectancy, they don't pack a big punch but rather just enough to give a solid flavouring without overdoing it. I decided to mix both together, a tasty combination to say the least. They are Vegetarian and Gluten, Luctose & Nut Free.

Houmous and Pitta - Served with a drizzle of olive oil (€6.45)

While this is in the appetiser section of their menu, I would use this more as a side, if you end up going for Extra Hot sauce on any of your dishes and things get too heated, these are perfect to take it down a notch.

There's a good selection of dips available at Roosters too, Piri Piri Mayo, Garlic Piri Piri Mayo, BBQ & Salsa.

On to the pièce de résistance, dessert..

I had the Build Your Own Cheesecake (€7.45), and while the chicken is delicious and the chargrilling and marinating make it a mouthwatering experience, nothing prepared me for how amazing their Cheesecake is. A slice of white choclate cheesecake with choice of toppings and sauce that is just devine. It's delivered bare and you choose your own toppings and sauce, and how much or little you want to apply. You get 2 toppings, and 2 sauces, and it's incredibly indulgent.

Topping options are Honeycomb, Kinder Bueno, KitKat, Malteser, Oreo, Rolo, Smarties and White Chocolate pieces. Sauce options are Biscoff, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Kinder, Nutella & White Chocolate.


The selection is wonderful, and the food is seriously high quality. Roosters use 100% fresh chicken, never frozen and their burgers contain 99% British and Irish Beef, and 1% seasoning. Their Piri-Piri flavourings are nut, wheat, and gluten free to ensure that their menu is accessible to all, regardless of dietary requirements.

I had a snippet of the menu and genuinely can't wait to try some more of their tasy looking dishes, perhaps next time I'll dine in. Saying that, the delivery was great.. fresh, hot and well packaged, could not recommend enough.

Roosters is affordable, quality food that won't break the bank but will fill the belly. If you haven't had the pleasure yet, try it!

Rooster have 3 Restaurants in Ireland;

Swords, Dublin

Blackpool, Cork

Douglas, Cork

Visit for more information and find Roosters on Just Eat, Uber Eats & Deliveroo for takeaway.

Slán go fóill.


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