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Teeling Whiskey collaborates with Glencairn for 20th Anniversary

Teeling Whiskey x Glencairn Glass.. this beautiful looking, sleek, limited edition black glass is a perfect gift for any whiskey lover (including yourself!)

Teeling Whiskey have teamed up with Glencairn for their 20th Anniversary and have released this limited edition Teeling Whiskey branded glass! Not only is this blackout glass a fun addition to any drinks cabinet, tasting your whiskey blind is the perfect way to develop your senses and sample Teeling's flavour led approach to Irish whiskey.

Paul Davidson, Managing Director – Glencairn Crystal, speaking on the collaboration with Teeling Whiskey: “We are delighted to be working with Teeling as the first distillery to brand our black Glencairn, particularly this year when we are celebrating  the 20th anniversary of our Glencairn Glass. Our coloured range of Glencairns are proving incredibly popular with both consumers and our partners in the industry and we are excited to have an award winning, much loved brand like Teeling joining the party.”

Teeling Whiskey commented, saying; "We are delighted to be the first distillery to brand the new, black Glencairn whiskey glass which was released this year on their 20th anniversary."

This limited release is available now exclusively via Teeling's online shop and in the Teeling Disitllery, each glass comes in it's own individual box, and it's only €8!

Head over to Teeling's website for more information and other great gift ideas including Whiskey Hampers etc.


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