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The Spring 2024 Collection from Joanne Hynes arrives in Dunnes Stores

In Joanne Hynes’ work, the past is often the starting point. The power of remembering, cherishing and reimagining the stories of women, heroes, muses and ideas as they merge with the world we live in now. OH DIANE!  is no different, with the designer drawing inspiration from American Photographer, Diane Arbus.

Her peculiarity, complexity and personal style remain a constant muse within the Joanne Hynes lexicon of references since the start of her career in 1999.

Celebrating the mystery, nuance and play of fashion, OH DIANE! is not simply designed for one kind of woman but for many different types of creative and complex women.” – Joanne


Make way for three new dresses designed to double up as clever coats and playful layering solutions. Two display surrealist applique hand drawings, rendered and stitched with sequin embroidery materials. This hand motif is reiterated with an appliqued crochet lace glove on a third structured mini-dress featuring a strong collar (€150).


A defining print in the collection comes from the Margie Muse painting by Joanne Hynes, a loving nod to every complicated woman finding her own expression. The Margie print appears on a cross-body bag (€60) and a lace print trench coat (€180). A structured jersey dress with a statement-draped puff ball sleeve playfully features this defining print at the back instead of the front (€120).


Trompe-l'œil accessories such as signature necklaces from the designer’s archive are printed onto blouses. 1960s knit silhouettes are rethought with unusual crystalized chevron panelling and mixed knit stitching pointelle lace techniques on a zip-up knit dress/coatigan (€150) and tunic tops. Utility and classic silhouettes are approached with playfulness with a boxy pale blue leather suit (Jacket €280/Culottes €200), a lynchpin to wear to all your upcoming events.  A structured vintage-inspired MNÁ handbag crafted in brown and lilac (€60) heightens the range's curiosity.

A collection that celebrates the many ways to play with expression, you’ll find OH DIANE! exclusively in Dunnes Stores Stephen’s Green (Dublin), Dundrum (Dublin), Bandon Road (Cork) and online.

Joanne Hynes is a limited edition craftizan collection. Sign up to the Joanne Hynes mailing list to be the first to know when newness has arrived and follow @joannehynes on Instagram for updates.

Slán go fóill.


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