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Travel the World with Aldi’s Summer Wine Range!

The arrival today (15th March) of the ’Travel the World' summer collection of wines, brings Aldi’s wine selection representing 11 countries with a huge variety of wine producing regions.

Give your summer at home an international flavour by globe-trotting to your local Aldi and making your selection of wines from countries including Argentina, Portugal, the USA, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Italy and more. Pack your bags with a world of great wine and take your mind to sunny destinations with summer wines! Available now in 145 Aldi stores nationwide.

With 14 Reds, 12 Whites, 12 Rosés, 4 Sparkling, and a Sparkling Summer Berries option, this new collection will brighten up those long summer evenings, with plenty to explore from old favourites to new wines waiting to be discovered. Best of all, they start from just €6.49 for a California Chardonnay.

This year in particular, Aldi’s rosé range of wine is set to be a big hit, with bottles from California, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy, there’s even a Specially Selected French Vegan Rosé, something for everyone!

Tom Doorley, Aldi Wine Ambassador welcomed the new wines, saying:

“In these challenging times globe-trotting is not an option, but you can travel the world through the medium of wine! Once again Aldi has come up with the goods, as always an eclectic range of seasonal wines and, as always, tasting much dearer than they actually cost. Don’t be fooled by the amazingly keen prices, if you are you will be really missing out on a whole lot of wholly affordable pleasure. Enjoy the journey!”

Tom’s Twelve Summer Seasonal Picks:

Rias-Baixas Albariño


From green, coastal vineyards in North Western Spain, this crisp, dry white is all about ripe apricots. Good with garlic prawns.


Italian Verdicchio


Fresh as a daisy, green apple fruit, with mineral backbone and a nutty, almond finish. Good with rich seafood dishes.


IGP Pays d’Oc Malbec


Deep Malbec from Southern France with flavours of ripe plums and spice. Good for casseroles.


Specially Selected French GSM


A rich, ripe classic blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre from Southern France. Plums, spice, pepper. Good with steak.


Specially Selected Chilean Sauvignon Blanc


Cool climate Sauvignon Blanc that is packed with green peppers, passionfruit, blackcurrant leaf and lots more. Good with goat’s cheese.


Mimo Moutinho Portuguese Loureiro €8.49

An exciting inside-track varietal wine from Portugal. Think bay leaf and citrus zest with a dry, mineral kick. Good with sushi and other seafood.


Specially Selected Maremma Toscana €9.99

A stylish red from one of Tuscany’s poshest regions, based on Cabernet and Merlot, like Bordeaux. Powerful, yet elegant. Good with roast meats.


Specially Selected Picpoul de Pinet €7.99

Seafood’s best friend, from the far South of France. Fresh, zesty with zingy, lemony acidity. Good with mussels.


Baron Amarillo Spanish Red Blend


Raspberry-scented blend from Cariñena in Spain’s Aragon region. Lovely touch of spicy oak. Good with lamb.


Specially Selected Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore


Turbocharged by the fermented grapes used for Amarone, this is a silky red with ripe cherries and a touch of smoke. Good with risotto and strong cheeses.


Specially Selected Rioja Rosé


Pink Rioja is the new big thing in rosé wines and this a brilliant example: vibrant, dry and fruit-driven. Amazingly versatile in terms of food from aperitif to duck breasts.


Specially Selected Cairanne


From the heart of the Southern Rhône is ripe, dark red wine is plummy, spicy, smooth and savoury. Good with big, robust flavours.


Full Summer Wine list as follows:


French Bijou Red Blend €6.99

Nero d’Avola €6.99

South African Premium Pinotage €6.99

Beaujolais €7.49

IGP Pays d’Oc Malbec €7.49

French Grenache Noir €7.49

Italian Red Blend €7.49

Californian Pinot Noir €7.99

Specially Selected French GSM €7.99

Spanish Monastrell €7.99

Spanish Red Blend €7.99

Specially Selected French Cairanne €9.49

Specially Selected Italian Maremma Toscana €9.99

Specially Selected Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore €9.99


Californian Chardonnay €6.49

German Riesling €6.99

Specially Selected South African Chenin Blanc €6.99

Alsace Pinot Blanc €7.99

Specially Selected French Picpoul de Pinet €7.99

Specially Selected French Jurancon €7.99

Italian Verdicchio €7.99

Specially Selected Rioja Blanco €7.99

Specially Selected Chilean Sauvignon Blanc €7.99

French Pinot Gris €8.49

Portuguese Loureiro €8.49

Rias Baixas Albarino €9.99


Specially Selected French Vegan Rosé €7.99

Vinho Verde Rosé €7.99

Specially Selected Ventoux Rosé €7.99

Specially Selected Pays d'Oc IGP Rosé €7.99

Cap d'Agde Rosé €7.99

Specially Selected Pays d'Herault Rosé €7.99

Specially Selected Rioja Rosé €7.99

Specially Selected Organic Toscana IGT Rosé €7.99

Sud de France Rosé €8.49

Specially Selected Rosé d'Anjou €8.99

Cotes du Luberon Rosé €8.99

Coteaux Varois-en-Provence Rosé €9.49


Contevedo Sparkling Rosé Wine €6.99

Contevedo Sparkling White Wine €6.99

Fleurs De Prairie €12.99

Prosecco Rosé €12.99


Grove Manor Sparkling Summer Berries €2.99

The above wines are on sale in 145 Aldi stores nationwide now.

Slán go fóill,


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